The Shift - Entire Plot Outline with Music Excerpts and Lyrics

I totally trust that whoever reads this will act with the utmost integrity and that I can openly share what I have with the world without fear that anyone will "steel" my ideas, story, etc.  Infinite blessings to those who read on... 

The Shift 

Musical Version Plot Outline 

With Music Excerpts and Lyrics

KEEP IN MIND - Many of the songs here are in DEMO form, 
and are open to development 


Stage is as simple and as sparse as possible- with actors miming most things, chairs for vehicles, etc. Lighting and video screens can be used for complicated effects.

For scene changes, or when more than one scene happens at once, action can happen in corners and center of stage. Scene changes can be implied with lighting, actors freezing in place, or continuing silently, while audience attention focuses on a different scene. 


Seattle Area - Various Locations

South America - Various Locations

Dreamtime/Other Dimensions - When characters go into Dreamtime or experience dimensions/realities other than ordinary 3D -  Light and sound effects can be used to denote shift.


Odin White - 20's - Born in small village in Peru, adopted at age 5 by a Seattle couple. Inspirational, spoken word poet, works for City of Seattle, landscaping. Easily falls in love/lust.

Candice Bicknel - 30's - Feisty, Willful, Psychic, Quirkey dresser. Falls into resistance/fight mode easily. Is afraid of her own power. Works at GBS Hospital as a patient advocate. Worked under Carolyn when she interned at GBH. Bisexual.   

Diane Cushman - 30's - Highly Psychic, simple, classy dresser, prone to Anxiety, Bisexual. Works for big publishing company.

Carolyn Hanson - 40's - Strong, radical, personality - Interesting looking - not unnatractive, but defenatly unique. Unconcerned about fashon. Unconventional Psychotherapist, and Lesbian. Worked at GBS Hospital at one time. She and Candice set up an integrative medicine program where patients practiced meditation, and were offered a variety of Alternative Healing Experiences. 

Grace Fischer - 18-20 - Beautiful, Etheral, Otherworldly, Brown skin, Star Child. Christian upbringing.  A naturally, very powerful individual - Healer, Highly Psychic with Multidimentional consciousness.

Thomas Lacy - 30's - Charismatic - often insecure.  Can be very sweet. Constantly seeks aproval. Easily influenced. Trained as scientist, and can't seem to get out of, "I'll believe it when you prove it" mentality. Wants to be more intuitive and psychic like Candice and Diane - is jealous of their psychic communication.    

Terry Ellis - 30's - Gay, colorful, flamboyant personality. Joker. Conscious of apearance. Radio Talk Show Host - Shock Jock. 

Bernard Bastian- 50's - Black Ops NSA Military guy - Helped develop Psychic/Super Soldier programs - Dr. of Psyciatry - born into Elite, military family.


Don Finalgo - Mayan Elder Teacher - Working to Help Usher in The Shift.

Dreamtime Clown - Mystical, magical being. Tall, thin, elder. Playful, luminous, eyes. Takes on various apearances.

Beatrix and Leonard Fischer - Grace's Christian Parents.

Producer Suzanne - Producer of Terry's Talk Show. 

Colonel Sharp - Sharp is old school military guy - "save the women and children first" type. kind eyes - wants to do a good job- serve god and country. Works with Bernard Bastian.

Dr.Bennett Schraft - 60's - Black Opps Military. Severely Dark personality - Exudes Evil. Bernard Bastian's Handler.

Senator Harrison - Political Arm of Mass Microchipping Campaign. Campaigned for and Pushed program through Congress. On Committee to Oversee Operations.   

Odin's Biological Mother and Father - Father is a Shaman/Medicine Man. Mother is also a healer, both from remote village in Peru. 

Odin's Roommate, John - Cute, playful, 20 something - likes to party. 


The Council 

Tibetan Monk
Native American Medicine Man, 
Maori/Waitaha Elder. 

African Shaman
Celtic/Christian Mystic Elder
Mayan Elder/Shaman.

8 or so Dancer/Chorus people.


Scene 1 - Opening

COUNCIL welcomes audience

DON FINALGO, a Mayan Elder - SMALL, ROUND, DRESSED IN COLORFUL CLOTHING, chants with Chorus/Dancers -  Song: “Existence Consciousness Bliss.”

Existence Consciousness Bliss
By Samara Shaw

Come, as you are
make your gifts known

step into you purpose

make your light shown

your life is a prayer

step into that

You are...

the way

the truth

and the light

lover, priestess
divine mind of grace

poet, dancer,
protector of the human race

Come people, come
to the celebration of you

share your hidden selves
Honor and live your truth

You are 
Existence, Consciousness,Bliss
Existence, Consciousness, Bliss


Existence, Consciousness, Bliss


Existence, Consciousness, Bliss

Don Finalgo predicts,

"The time of knowledge is approaching, the light in the center of the pyramidal house of Hunab K'U will FLASH LIKE LIGHTENING that will pierce through the shadows that cover the human race.”  

Scene 2 - Village and Grandma's House - 2090
Grandmother Grace tucks Granddaughter, Marta into bed.  Grace asks Grandma, "What was it like before the Shift?" Grandma places a beautiful green crystal flute upon her heart and tells her, "It's all inside." Grace asks what The Great Flash was like.  And so begins our story.

Scene 3 - Bedroom of Candice's Apartment, 
Downtown Seattle - Morning.
Candice and Diane kiss as if they've just made love.  Thomas appears from under the covers. They are all in love. They drink coffee together later. We soon find out later that Diane is pregnant.  Everyone is happy. 

Scene 4 - GBS Hospital
Candice deals with the fact that Thomas will be her superior at work.  She got him the job with no prior experience.  Diane calls, she tells Candice she feels that Candice and Thomas, "have your stuff to work out." Thomas is jealous of Candice psychic and healing abilities, and Diane can't relax around them anymore. Candice tells her not to analyze people so much.  Diane hangs up on her. 

Scene 5 - The Quest

ODIN - 25, DARK SKIN, SOUTH AMERICAN FEATURES, DREADLOCKS, GIFTED SPOKEN WORD POET/MUSICIAN, plants flowers - in downtown Seattle. Sings to himself.  Young man approaches, tells Odin he’s psyched to see Odin’s show later.

Meanwhile... At the Fischer Home, Grace, Beatrix, and Leonard Fischer eat family diner.  


Grace tells parents she knew her teacher had cancer before anyone else did.  Saw it in her aura. Christian Father, Leonard, reacts, tells her New Age is the work of the devil.  Demands she go to church next Sunday.  Grace leaves table, goes to bedroom.  Sings “Song of Dreams” by Ashile Jackson. 

Lies down on bed, opens laptop, listens to live broadcast from The Rainbow Room - a popular downtown club, where Ossie Dellimore sings “Hold on Tight.” 

Scene 6- Rainbow Room 

At the Rainbow, TERRY ELLIS - A VERY HANDSOME, SHARPLY DRESSED GAY MAN IN HIS 30'S, - SPLASH OF COLOR HERE AND THERE,  dances with a very hot, younger man. CANDICE BICKNELL dances with her partner, DIANE CUSHMAN. BOTH IN EARLY 30'S, WITH UNIQUE STYLE - DIANE- MORE PUT TOGETHER AND SMOOTH - CANDICE- QUIRKY AND FREE. Their dance is free - at times close and sensual.  THOMAS LACY, MID 30'S, VERY CHARISMATIC, approaches. Everyone dances together. Diane pairs up with Thomas and Terry with Candice.

Announcer Charles introduces Odin to stage. Odin sings “More Than Entertainment.” by Dustin Fox.  

Candice, Thomas, and Diane dance together.  Dance gets very sensual.  When the song ends, they collapse together on a couch and cuddle.  Backstage,  Charles tells Odin he wants him featured at the club next Saturday.  Thomas exits.

“The Wheels Within” by Samara Shaw comes on.  

The Wheels Within
Samara Gail Shaw

Start with the earth
feel her sweet embrace
energy moving
unstoppable grace

Up through your feet
feel the sweet light
through to your center
give up the fight
you give up the fight

Let it fill you
warm you
hold you
rock you
sway you 
change you
free what blocks you

The wheels within 
you the way
Let it open your heart 
make you cry
surrender completely
a part of you dies

Now to your head
let it blow your mind
gently, naturally
no fear you find  (2 or 3X)
Swim in love
connect to soul
All is perfect 
you loose controooooooll

Do the Chakra dance
let it free your spirit
don’t ever fear it
catch the music
can’t you hear it?
let it fill you
groove you
flow you
grow you
The Wheels Within

Now Stop
(spoken softly)
This is you open and free
the One 
you know 
you can be
Hu- man-it-y
as one
as one 
as one
as one 
as one
as oooooooooonnnne

Do The Chakra Dance

Now start again
feel the grove
Eyes closed this time
let it make you move

Much much slower
you’re all that is
the known the knower

All that is
feel it
be it

All that is 
know it 
see it 

All that is.

Candice and Diane jump up.  They, and everyone else in club, do a dance that goes with song.  As they dance, they remember when they agreed to “share” Thomas, but that they would never let anyone come between them.  Diane assures Candice, she will always be there - no matter what.

At the bar, Odin explains to Charles the was adopted from Peru at the age of 5.  Odin goes home. Sings, “Song of Dreams” duet with Grace (Still in her bedroom). 

Scene 7 - Love - Dreamtime 1    

Dreamtime Lights Come Up:  

Mbira plays. Odin enters, disoriented, sees CLOWN who dances around him. CLOWN’S BODY IS PAINTED WITH NATURAL PAINT AND COSTUME IS MADE FROM NATURAL MATERIALS.  Grace enters with African Dancers in traditional West African Clothing.  

Totally enchanted by Grace, Odin tries to follow, but is stopped by The Council.  Each council member sings/chants from their various traditions. They form a circle around Odin, chant for a while.  Chanting fades into Native American Flute. Circle opens. Lets Odin out.  He follows flute player to Clown who leads him to Mayan Medicine Man.   

Clown and Odin watch as Mayan Medicine Man sings medicine song over sick man.  Villagers cry and pray also. Medicine Man plays healing song on green crystal stone flute,  villagers leave them alone. 

Man gets up. 

People celebrate. Odin and Clown stand next to Medicine Man who sits in front of a fire. A pregnant woman and two young children approach. Odin is told that this is his family, they are still alive and Odin can meet them if he’s ready.   

Clown sings,  “A Toast to the Holy Fool.” by Prabuphad

A Toast to the Holy Fool 
By Prabuphad

There’s leaders and there’s followers
There’s lions and there’s sheep
You can easily lead the wooly ones 
They’ll follow in their sleep
But try to lead a lion
He’ll let out with a roar
First he’ll bite your head off 
Then he’ll knock you to the floor
The ones that are the lions 
Are often called the fools
They do exactly as they please
They don’t follow any rules

So raise your glass to the holy fool
Drink a toast to the exalted one
Everybody thinks he’s lost his mind
But he’s only having fun
Sheep don’t like taking risks
They do the same each day
Afraid of having too much fun
And getting hauled away
Quivering and quaking
Imprisoned in their fear
It’s as simple as a lion’s roar
Freedom’s now and here


Yea! Critters with the shaggy manes
REPEAT last 3 lines of 3)
And this my friend is the Holy Fool
With laughter in his eyes 
On his face an impish grin
As he says, “now watch me fly.”

C 2001 Prabhupad 

Scene 8 - Understanding

Odin performs, “Worlds” at the Rainbow room.  

The place is packed. Candice, Terry, Diane, and Thomas sit at a table.  Grace dances alone in front of stage.  Odin can’t keep his eyes off her. Grace notices and runs away.  Odin ends song early to run after her.  Does not catch her.

The next week:  TV studio.  Terry Ellis hosts, The Terry Ellis Show, a popular internet talk show.  He interviews Don Finalgo.  Odin sits in the wings in meditation waiting to go on.  Candice listens from her Iphone in her apartment, Diane listens on headphones in front of her computer at work. 

Don Finalgo sings duet with Grace - Don sings words from introduction in Scene 1, and Grace sings parts of “Song of Dreams”

Odin and Don Finalgo switch places. Don Finalgo sits in meditation.  Interview scene freezes - focus turns to Grace and Beatrix .

Beatrix knocks on Grace’s door. Grace quickly closes her laptop. Mother tells her she spoke with Grace’s principal and her grades are way down.  Grace said she’s having a hard time focusing because she can hear other people’s thoughts.  

Beatrix tells her she made an appointment with Dr. White, Grace's psychiatrist - urges Grace to take anti-anxiety medication, and start seeing Dr. White again.  Grace tells her she wants someone who understands subtle energy.  Beatrix finally agrees to find someone who “understands... Natural approaches.”

Beatrix leaves.  Grace opens laptop. TV studio scene unfreezes. Terry interviews Odin, raves about him, discusses his sudden popularity -people are calling him a prophet. 

Music: "Perfect Angel" By Freddy Hinckle plays in BG. Odin announces he’s looking for a girl from the Rainbow Saturday - Grace hears this, goes to call, can’t find her phone. 

Odin plays, “Image of Most Exceptional” by Dustin Fox.  Everything is interrupted by a flash of bright light that pulses, and is gone.  Blackout on stage.

Terry speaks through darkness, can’t stop laughing.  Music and lights imply mysterious happenings.  Backup generators go on at Studio. Grace and Candice light candles in their separate rooms, and both sit in meditation. Diane stares blankly at computer screen. Odin meditates. 

Candice laughs/cries.  Everyone seems to be having some sort of cathartic spiritual experience.  Diane, still frozen, stars straight ahead.  Terry tries to talk to Odin who remains quiet. 

A disoriented, PRODUCER SUZANNE, tells Odin he’s still on air - has 30 minutes or so of power - Flash was a giant solar flair.  Odin chants tune from song of dreams (Or some other tune - TBD)   Grace joins him. “ A passage safe within your mind, will link the worlds for evermore.” Terry and Candice soon join them.  They sing 4 part harmony.  Blackout.

ACT 2 

Scene 1 - Detachment

Trippy music plays as Odin and Terry look out of studio window.  Dazed, stunned people, including Diane, emerge from office buildings. Many seem high on loving energies. They mingle with audience, stroking faces, hugging, etc.  Man runs through audience, shedding clothing, singing about freedom. Candice still laughs/crys, as energy flows. 

People in streets embrace, cry, rub each other’s feet, etc.  All Sing, “Got to be Free” by Ossie Dellimore. 

ASHAWA- AN UNSEEN INTERDIMENTIONAL BEING  speaks in between chorus' music - explains that people are reconnecting with their multidimensional nature.  People in streets continue love- in.  Beatrix watches news show from livingroom. Grace keeps chanting. 

Newscaster Bob is live on the street with Don Finalgo. Newscaster Elaine is in Studio with DR. BERNARD BASTIAN-   50's is a charismatic man, with piercing, hypnotic eyes, working with FEMA - from the Center for Mental Health Services. 

Don Finalgo tells Bob that people are experiencing a rapid spiritual awakening. Bob can’t stay focused - Joins, “healing circle” nearby.  Don Finalgo takes over newscast - tells Newscaster Elaine, his group, The Weavers, know exactly what is happening and they will give an official statement later.  Bob chants with healing circle.  

On air with Newscaster Elaine, Bernard Bastian tells the public that the behavioral changes are not normal, and that people should contact their doctors if they notice any signs of “distress”.  Newscaster Elaine feels strange, sees beautiful colors, laughs/cries. 

Grace goes to leave house - Beatrix, ready for Jesus to take her, stops her. Grace stays keeps humming tune, “A passage safe within your mind will link the worlds forevermore.” - (or something different - TBD)

At another location - Dr. Bastian types something into a handheld device - makes a phone call - leaves mysterious message.  Sounds of powerful electricity humming. Screen shows scenes of HAARP antennas, high powered GWEN electricity towers firing, and satellites.  Buzzing and humming sounds are heard as frequencies are passed from one tower to the other.

“Chaos in the City” gets louder.  People in streets, including Diane, start to panic. Diane exits just as Thomas enters, franticly looking for her. 

Council enters Terry’s studio. They chant traditional chants. Terry and Odin sit in meditation. Terry peacefully introduces Chief Lumiere, a leader from First Nations in Canada. While he speaks, other members of The Council mingle with people in streets. Everyone dances and chants in “healing circles”. Chief Lumiere tells people to get to a sacred circle and stay there - “The circle will protect you.”  He also warns of energetic interference.  

Candice tunes in to Diane, feels her panicking. Agitated dancers run around streets. Thomas sits in audience.  Panicked dancers end up at edge of stage. Electrical Humming intensifies. Candice tries Diane’s cell - no luck. 

Children come forward from healing circles - Council Members give children their instruments, and children take over leading circles.  Council goes back to Terry’s studio. For a moment Children’s music overpowers “Chaos in the City” and electrical humming sounds until dancers at edge of stage look as if they might jump.  People in audience scream. Candice calls Thomas. Thomas watches as people jump. More screaming.  

Diane enters, panicked.  Runs to the edge of stage. Thomas sees her- she jumps. Candice, still on the phone, fears the worst, closes her eyes. Thomas, trying to get to where Diane jumped to, breaks down. 

Sounds of sirens, people screaming, and general chaos slowly fade and transform into the sound of crystal singing bowls.  

“Let the Healing Begin.” by Mariah Dimich plays and continues through next scene. 

Scene 2 - Unity -  Dreamtime 2



Grandma and Marta commenting OS on this part of Grandma Grace's story.  Marta can't understand if people knew about the Oneness how all this could happen. Grandma tells her they were afraid to let go and they were, "interfered with." 

Odin, lies on apartment couch watching TV news report.  Music fades. News says one and a half million people committed suicide since the flash.  Dr. Bastian holds press conference. Tells people the flash was an attack of electromagnetic (Psychotronic) weapons, originating from off planet.  ET’s called The Galactic Federation -acting in alliance with anti-government cult called, the PUW (People for a United World) were responsible. 

NASA even has satellite footage of Federation Spaceships attacking, to prove it.   Evidence will be shared with public soon.         

Carolyn gets Candice water. Candice wants to talk more. Says everyone at GBS Hospital, is on board with a program to micro-chipping everyone! - even Thomas!  Carolyn tells her all this insanity comes from within her.  Candice, not happy with response, tells Carolyn she’s not getting anywhere - keeps replaying Diane's suicide over and over - is not getting over it.   

Carolyn agrees, Candice is not ready for freedom, says maybe they should take a break.  Candice leaves, pissed off. Drives to Hospital.  Bastian gives press conference on radio  - 

Government’s solution for protection against future psychotronic weapons attacks? 

The New Freedom Neurochip!  

Candice parks car as hundreds of desperate people try to get into GBS  - need to be chipped!  Guards clear the way for Candice.  

Candice walks through hallway - Passes by waiting room where Beatrix insists her daughter, Grace get chipped - nurses tell her she's not on the list.  

We see Peter Leeland giving Bennet Schraft, and Senator Harrison a tour of the hospital scene.  They carry binders marked, "FEMA". They watch someone get chipped - looks like  an easy, painless process - nurse tells patient, "All done, you're safe now."

Leeland, Schraft, Thomas, Senator Harrison and two execs discuss chipping plan.  Folders in front of them are marked, "Freedom Inc."

Candice, ready for the next meeting, watches as Senator Harrison and Freedom Inc. guys leave boardroom. They exit building to a crowd protesting, "We want Chips."  Harrison assures them, "Don't worry." Reporters ask if the Healing Camps are part of the plan.  Harrison tells them the camps are under investigation for their affiliation with the Galactic Federation.

The next meeting is underway with Candice, Leeland, Thomas, Schraft, and Judy from Statistics. Judy tells them 20,000 people have called demanding to be chipped.  Candice warns them the chips have not gone through the proper testing - is upset. Judy assures her the new technology is all natural. It become obvious that Candice is being left out of the loop, again.  

It is announced that Dr. Schraft will be managing the team. Candice gets spooked by him. Candice plays a DVD of a Sound Healing session Carolyn gave her from Camp Atone - Candice.  She tries to get Thomas to do the movements that go along with the sounds - Thomas leave with Candice at the break, tells her to go home. 

Terry meets Candice for lunch. She tries to get him to help her by revealing the fact that the chips have not gone through the proper protocols. Terry is afraid - tries to get her to stop her crusade. She storms out - saying he and Carolyn are both "Chickenshit" 

She runs into Grace and her mother, Beatrix, on the street. Beatrix, recognizing Candice from the Hospital, begs Candice to help her get Grace chipped. 

Scene  6 DREAMTIME 3
Odin in Dreamtime again: Circus atmosphere - Clown greets him.  Circus performers in traditional ceremonial clothing from various spiritual traditions, become audience members as 

Clown introduces Odin:  
"Raised until the age of 5, by a loving family in Peru..."  Images of carnival rides shaped like moving crop circles are projected around theater. Full blown circus ensues, sounds of Peruvian Whistling vessels with Mbira and other music.  

Clown gives Odin a Whistling Vessel to play. Circus performers transform into  Peruvian Villagers as they gather around boy of 4 (Little Odin) as he sings and dances. Boy's FATHER AND MOTHER look on proudly. Big Odin keeps playing whistling vessel. 

Odin’s Mother and father talk about how special little Odin is. Two Elders, also watching, talk about how Odin is the “Bridge” and that training must begin immediately.


Grace and Beatrix wait while Candice and Carolyn talk outside the door:  Candice says Beatrix wanted Grace chipped, but something told Candice to bring her to Carolyn.  

On meeting Grace, Carolyn is blown away by her, suspects she’s a “Conduit”.  She tells Beatrix that the flash opened everyone up and that Grace is, “Shifting.”  Beatrix keeps insisting that Grace needs to be chipped, until Grace finally speaks (After an entire year of silence and humming.) 

Carolyn tells Beatrix that Grace has a rare “gift of the spirit” and that she’d like her to stay at the camp for a while. Grace says a resounding, “Yes!”

Scene 8 - Dreamtime 4

Odin with Clown in Dreamtime watch as Peruvian villagers hang out, cook and talk - children play.  U.S. Soldiers enter, ready to round people up.  They are stopped in their tracks by the same Healing Stone Flute Song Odin’s father played to heal the man in Scene 3.  Soldiers instantly calm down, go to leave, apologizing as they go.

Clown shows Odin scene from Bernard Bastian’s Office:  Bastian and Colonel Sharp discuss  what happened in Peru.  Sharp says, soldiers claimed the “flute changed them.”  Bastian suspects powerful psychotronic weapons - Is upset that old training methods are being abandoned.  Sings song, “You gotta Break Em.” - TBD

Odin wants to kill Bastian.  Council enters village area, everyone dances around fire to wild music.  Odin watches as his Mother cooks on a fire and his brother and sister play nearby.  Little 5 year Odin, plays behind tree. Bastian enters with 6 soldiers, grabbing Odin’s mother and siblings with guns to their heads.  Two soldiers exit as 5 year old Odin hides behind tree. 

Big Odin tries to stop everyone -he can’t touch them.  “Bastian’s Theme” by Freddy Hinckle plays.  Odin gets more and more angry, and begins transforming into Jaguar.  His tries to rip into Bastian, as if his fingers have sprung claws - he growls fiercely.  

The Council plays and dances, around Odin and Bastian.  Music gets wild again as Odin emerges, completely transformed into Jaguar.  Ferociously, he mimes ripping Bastian’s flesh with teeth and claws, stops abruptly, throws mask on the floor, recoils in terror, runs into Clown’s arms and sobs, terrified.  

Village scene continues in silent slow motion - audience hears only Council’s soft music. Two soldiers enter, dragging Odin's father, silently and in slow motion, kicking and screaming. One soldiers holds the green stone flute which glows with green fluorescent light. Everyone, silently moves in slow motion. Villagers are terrified. Soldier with flute hands it to Bastian.

Bastian motions for soldiers to leave.  Little Odin runs at Bastian, biting his leg. As Bastian screams, scene resumes normal speed and sound resumes. Bastian drops flute - it breaks into 5 pieces. Little Odin grabs 2 pieces, runs away - Bastian and two soldiers follow.  Soldier grabs two other pieces and the last stays hidden, as they drag Odin’s father off. 

Odin sobs in Clowns arms, and soon drags himself back to living room couch where he hears Clown’s voice: “Go to Peru. Find the opening between worlds... You are a bridge... from unseen to seen. Between the people of the earth and the people of the mind. It's time to take your place.”

Odin wakes up on his living room couch to infomercial disguised as TV news.  Newscaster Bob and Connie describe Freedom Microchips, how they work - and how safe and painless they are, protecting people against dangerous electromagnetic interference.   Odin’s roommate, John, entersJohn offers Odin joint, they smoke.  Things get trippy. 

Candice is back with Carolyn doing a session similar to past life regression. Candice is still upset - She thinks Thomas has been brainwashed, says she was put on, "leave of absence" from Hospital. Carolyn takes her back to past lives with Diane. 

They were African Slaves together, Native Americans, etc. - each time the beautiful thing they had was "interfered with" by controlling powers. Candice is afraid they will do it again - are doing it again.  

Carolyn assures her this time is different.  Diane comes through Carolyn and dances with Candice. Diane in Spirit whispers to Candice, "We're always dancing, you and I." 

Scene 10- GBS Boardroom - Bastian's in Charge
Thomas, Leeland, Dr. Schraft, Judy and Two Execs meet. Bastian joins them by teleconference. Takes Leeland's place as director on chipping program. Is introduced as psychic research expert from NSA. 

Bastian can communicate with Thomas psychically - becomes  an instant father figure for Thomas.  Flashback to psychic testing they did way back. They both tested way off charts. Thomas likes to think of himself as "gifted" like Candice. 

Scene 4- Disillusionment

Scene 12 - Opposite Perspectives

At Camp Atone, Grace, Carolyn and Candice mediate, chant, play crystal bowls and Tibetan healing bowls with audience participation.  Sing, "Rainbow Warriors" by Davis Limbauch.

On living room couch, Odin and John watch news, drink bear and smoke pot. 

Newscaster Connie interviews Bastian - Government is investigating leaders of the PUW and anyone who’s claimed contact with the Galactic Federation.

Odin says he “Hates” Bastian, changes channel. 

Carolyn and Bastian address separate audiences, each with vastly different messages.  Carolyn urges people to surrender, Bastian urges them to take back control. 

While Carolyn speaks, Grace and Candice play sound healing instruments. Candice hands out small quartz crystals.  With surround sound healing music playing, Carolyn, Candice, and Grace encourage audience to tone.  Screen shows visuals of the earth surrounded by rainbow colored flower of life pattern. The more harmonious toning becomes, the brighter rainbows get. Cymatics device can be used to create effects.  Healing sounds fade. Grace, Candice, and Carolyn sit in meditation. 

Scene 13 - Odin's Arival 
Odin performs, “Purpose” by Dustin Fox. for a large audience.   

Real audience is encouraged to dance. When song ends, Odin goes, “backstage” - drinks beer.

Still at Camp Atone, Grace, Candice and Carolyn,  chant - “I am another you - In Lac Ech.”  Song, “Wheels Within” by Samara comes in - Grace teaches audience dance. Chorus/Dancers play hand held crystal singing bowls move/dance in and around audience. Other dancers, each playing one piece of a pan flute, dance around.  Music and chanting can be improvised, using Cymatics on screen to illustrate harmony.  

Odin drinks beer after beer “backstage”, smokes joint, exits a little wobbly. 

Odin in car, swerves off highway, stumbles out of car, pees, gets back in, tries to find highway, gets lost.  Stops car, looks at map.  Car won’t start. Checks under hood, tries cell phone (no reception) Walks to nearest house. Grace, Carolyn and Candice open door right before he gets there.  “We’ve been waiting for you!” Odin’s stunned to see Grace.  

Ashawa appears, (perhaps only as magical lights) “dances” in front of Odin and Grace, heals them. Carolyn channels Ashawa’s voice.  Tells Odin, “Go to Peru.”  “Chakra Dance” plays again, Graces teaches Odin dance - the two person “Tantric” version.  

Odin at airport.  Ashawa speaks to him, “Your mission is to use your gifts to bring people to center and balance. We await your arrival.”

The streets of Lima, Peru - Odin walks, bewildered and overwhelmed sings long distance duet with Grace as she talks with Carolyn and Candice at Camp Atone.  “All the Colors” - (In Development).  Odin enters coffee shop, sees Clown dressed as old man- vaguely recognizes him.  Odin sits with Clown who tells him he knows who Odin is and that he must find the “Crystal Palace” - also says, “There’s a woman who stays there, knows all about you and your family.”  

While Odin is distracted, Clown disappears. Odin asks waitress who tells him there was no old man sitting with him. 

Scene 14 - Bastian - Ready for Surrender

Beatrix watches Bob and Connie Freedom Chip informercial.  Phone rings, Beatrix, alarmed, hangs up, prays to God to “help her baby!”

“Bastian’s Theme” by Freddy Hinckle plays.  Bastian lies in bed, watching informercial.  Switches TV off.  Dreamtime:  Stone Flute Healing Song plays.  Bastian tosses and turns.  He is tormented by visions of Jaguars, scene at village, getting bitten by Little Odin, etc. Odin’s Father enters, playing flute. Dancers enter, playing hand held crystal bowls. Bastian tries to shut it all out - gets up, pours a drink. Does drunken dance.  Hears Ashawa’s voice, “Are you ready?”  “Yeeeeeeessss!” he cries,  “Just make them stop!”

Grace and Carolyn enter, place hands on Bastian, play healing bowls.  Dancers play bowls, surround sound healing music plays.   

Act 3 - Surrender

Scene 1 - Prep Time/ Dreamtime 4

Odin flies on airplane travels to Nazca City.  Screen shows visuals of Nazca Lines below. He boards chaotic bus.  Driver is Clown - Odin, perplexed, still can’t place him.  Odin tells Clown/Driver he’s looking for The Crystal Palace, near Ica.  Driver says he goes right by it, but when Odin tries to asks if Crystal Palace is a hotel, he’s forced to sit down by crowd getting on bus. Finds 3 juggling balls next to his seat.  Pan flute player on bus plays - everything calms down. Juggling balls glow as Odin brings them up to Driver.  “Keep em.” says Driver/Clown.  Odin asks about Crystal Palace again- still can’t get a straight answer. Odin sleeps. 

Dreamtime:  Mbira music - Driver becomes, Clown again - leads Odin off bus - teaches him how to juggle.  Clown sings,  “Freedom for You” by Prabhupad. 

Meanwhile Odin masters simple juggling technique. 

Freedom For You - Lyrics
© 2008  Prabhupad

1)   What is the truth
And what is a lie
The answer’s right here
But you gotta try

2)  You’re living in chains
Thinking you’re free
When you gonna wake up
To reality

It’s waiting for you
What ya gonna do
Is singing your song
Saying come on back home now
Where you belong

3)  Give up your ideas
And all you believe
When the story is over
It’s only you you deceive

4)  The freedom you seek
It comes with a price
Nothing less than your all
Complete sacrifice


5)  You’re so much more
Than you could ever dream
But you’ve somehow forgotten
Or so it seems

6)  Just open your eyes
You’ll see you can fly
Spread your wings
And take to the sky



The answer’s right here
If you’re willing to try

Another Clown enters - both clowns throw more and more balls at each other - as they do spoken word parody/rap.  “Dimensions”. 
Grace enters wearing Indian/Hindu clothing dances to “Wheels Within”- Instrumental.  Bastian’s theme comes in. Bastian and three soldiers enter. Bastian holds black cloak.  As they come close to Grace, Odin tries to protect her - still can’t touch Bastian. Grace, not at all fearful, keeps dancing. Bastian covers Grace with cloak and takes her away.  Odin, tries to help her, and is punched in stomach, and thrown to ground by soldiers.

Clown helps Odin up, gets him back on bus. Dreamtime music/lights fade. Driver announces they are at the Crystal Palace. Odin goes to exit, holding stomach.  Driver hands him a compass says - “Just go North!” 

Bus speeds away, and Odin is left in the middle of a baron desert where he trudges North - only to find nothing but sand.  Screen shows dune after dune. He hears bird sounds - an Eagle? A Condor? Moon goes down, sun comes up - he’s still trudges.  Decides to go South back to bus stop. Falls asleep.

Dreamtime again. Odin sees Bastian and three soldiers facing Grace who sits on  ground, covered with black cloak with three fluorescent glowing green stone flute pieces in front of her. Bastian demands to know how the flute works. Grace remains silent  hides head under cloak. Bastian goes to kick Grace, Odin yells stop -runs to her -  soldiers punch him again - he goes down. 

Odin tells Bastian he knows how the flute works.  Bastian recognizes Odin. Odin growls and tries to attack Bastian. Soldiers intercept again- they struggle. Sounds and voices from Village scene from Act II are heard.  We hear Odin’s mother, brother, and sister scream. Healing Flute Song plays.  Bastian reacts to song. Odin demands to know what Bastian did with is father, and growls as soldiers surround him. 

Entire stage glows with fluorescence.  Everything slows way down.  Grace and little Odin in Jaguar mask emerge from cloak, their bodies painted fluorescent. Grace grabs a piece of the flute and dances.  Still in slow motion, Little Odin bites Bastian and grabs a second flute piece. Soldiers, Bastian and Little Odin freeze. Big Odin grabs a third piece.  

Grace Dances the same healing dance Odin’s father danced in Scene 3. Enter Carolyn and Dancer/Chorus- they play sound healing instruments and dance on stage and in audience.  Music gets faster, Everyone unfreezes, Bastian Screams, chases little Odin off stage. Soldier grabs the remaining flute piece and Odin’s father is dragged off stage again.  All music stops except Healing Flute Song. 

Scene 2 - Realization - Step Into the Magic

Odin wakes up at the bus stop.  It is dark. He eats the last of his food, shakes the last of drops of water into his mouth.  

Grace and Carolyn sit in silence at Camp Atone, a candle between them.  Grace notices a glowing flute piece in her lap.  

Drunk in his bedroom, Bastian knocks things over as he frantically searches for his missing flute piece. He is haunted by the screams of Odin’s mother and family.  He holds a flute piece in his hand, it glows. We hear Grace chanting, “A passage safe within your mind...” Bastian seems tortured by this.  Odin joins Grace in the chant, and Ashawa comes in toning, “Ahhhhh”.  The Council also joins in. 

Bastian breaks down, collapses, and weeps. 

Odin at bus stop hears jaguar and faint Circus Music (Mbiras, Capawetta style Drums) Follows sounds over hill.  Screen shows glowing cave. Little Odin runs past Big Odin and into cave with flute piece in his mouth.  A large, full grown jaguar with another flute piece in his mouth, approaches and circles Odin.  Odin faces him squarely - looking into his eyes as they do a Capawetta-style dance.  Just as Jaguar is about to attack, Odin reaches into his mouth and grabs the flute piece. They dance locked into this position.  Finally, Jaguar lets go.  Odin enters the cave and jaguar follows. 

Crystal, Rainbow colors and harmonious angelic voices surround Odin. Ashawa is there welcoming him. He looks down to see little Odin, scared and out of breath as if he’d just run away from the soldiers. We hear Bastian and Colonel Sharp outside, looking for little Odin.   
Mystical music and lights.  Dancers/musicians glow fluorescent, The Council, circle around Big and little Odins’. Music and effects suggest high walls made of crystal.  Rainbow light is everywhere, Angelic voices are healing and uplifting.  Entire theater becomes “Crystal Palace”. Odin embraces his kid self, and they both jump into the middle of the “fire.”  

Odin wakes up to an idling bus as Driver/Clown shakes him awake, hands him a bottle and helps him on the bus.  Odin passes out on seat.  Clown/Driver announces, “Nasca City!” Odin stumbles towards front of Bus. Driver tells him to get himself to Copan and look for people from the Ahau Lineage.  Odin, is again pushed from behind to get off the bus.  He gets off, waits for everyone to exit, goes to talk to driver - driver is gone.  

On a hotel bed, Odin looks at map of Peru. Circles Machu Pichu.  Watches Terry’s show on I-Phone. 

Scene 3 - Media Wars

Bastian speaks at a press conference.  Protestors cary signs demanding they be chipped - yell out “What do we want?  Chips!  When do we want ‘em?  Now!” etc.

Thomas calls Candice while on her way to an interview with Terry. He says he is thinking of getting chipped and needs to see her at the hospital.  Pissed off, Candice cancels the interview. 

Terry interviews Carolyn, and Grace in his studio.  First they listens to replay of Bastian’s press conference, with Terry interrupting periodically to comment.  Bastian says people are under attack, and that country is in official state of emergency.  Dancers enter- do, “Dance of Fear and Control.” - illustrating the effect of Bastian’s words on the general population.     

Spoken word Duet between Terry and Bastian - TBD.

Terry introduces Carolyn as Director of Camp Atone, co-founder of PUW and Grace, a resident at Camp Atone.  Terry experiences the “Grace Factor.”  Blisses out.   

Bastian, in office with Thomas, Dr. Schraft, Leeland,  and two FEMA officials watch Terry’s show.  

Terry asks Carolyn about Camp Atone and the network of healing camps. As Carolyn describes the camps - we see and hear video of what she talks about on screen: Sound healing workshops, people chanting, doing yoga, dancing, playing music together, soaking in healing waters, eating and general scenes of loving celebration.    

Carolyn and Terry discuss Psychological Warfare.  As they talk, Screen shows video of various “Psy-Op” - from real news from the past 20 years.  Vaccine scares, etc. They conclude that this will all be over soon, that none of it will not work anymore - people are waking up and there’s no turning back.  

They discuss what happened during the flash and see more videos of the behavior.  Carolyn stresses she wants to focus on the positive and on building a new world.  She shares that the suicides were definitely caused by electromagnetic interference by Black Project Governmental forces. 

Terry wonders why Carolyn is not upset about the power of these dark forces have to influence people.  She tells him she must focus on the positive energies she is helping to usher in, that he can focus on getting the truth out, and she will focus on helping people who choose to transcend that reality.  

Leeland warns Bastian that Terry’s show is very influential.  Leeland recommends taking him off the air.  Bastian watches closely as Grace gets ready to sing a song.  Grace is holding her flute piece which she puts on the table when she picks up her guitar. She sings, “Stars Soon to Shine.” by Katie Grey.  

Bastian recognizes the flute piece.  He demands that Leeland get him a copy of the show.  TellsThomas to get him intel on Grace, and to get a mole (spy) into Camp Atone. 

Grace sings as more visuals of the camps come on screen.

Bastian’s office:  Dr White (Grace’s old Psychiatrist) Leeland, and Thomas discuss Grace.  Leeland’s gathered has a stack of files on Carolyn and Grace.  They grill Dr. White about Grace.  He tells him he was her doctor until Beatrix decided to send her to, “that Quack, Hanson.”  

Leelend tells him, Carolyn used to work at GBS, but that they fired her and took her license away for encouraging too people to go off meds.  

Candice meets with Thomas in a Hospital room. He hides a recorder under the bed as she arrives. She warns him not to get chipped, that the chips are probably linked to a central computer that can track and even control people.  

He warns her about the danger she's in getting involved with the PUW.  Tells her they're watching him and she should not do anything in the public eye and that she'll be arrested if she continues to associate with Carolyn.   

Candice feels Bastian's energy around Thomas - senses an evil influence. Thomas gets her to admit the chips are being disabled at the camps which she quickly realizes she should not have mentioned. 

Candice decides to "fight" the dark energy she feels around Thomas. Tugs on his heart strings by mentioning Diane. Diane shows up in spirit.  Thomas can't take it, tells Candice to go.  

Outside Camp Atone, Carolyn upset as Dr. White, Leeland, Beatrix, Leonard, Colonel Sharp and officers Pike and Sanders escort Grace away.  Grace does not resist.  

Beatrix warns Carolyn to stay away from Grace.  They send Grace back to fetch her flute piece, Carolyn pleads with her not to go. Grace hugs her, assures her everything is ok.

Thomas and Leeland test Grace’s extrasensory abilities.  She twists every piece of silverware they give her, has 100% accuracy on psychic ability, can heal, and ends up freaking them both by bio-locating. She manages moves a photo of Diane from in a drawer in Thomas’ desk, to the top of the desk while never leaving her chair in the other room.   She also seems to know everything about them and uses her knowledge to disarm their egos.  

The last straw for Thomas is when she moves the photo and points out that by hiding Diane’s photo, he is also hiding his pain, and that she knows Diane was pregnant when she jumped. She urges Thomas to try to talk more with Candice.   

Shaken, Thomas and Leeland report to Bastian.  Dr. White also meets with her, and emerges, equally shaken.  Bastian sits down with Grace - sends everyone away but Thomas. Grace communicates psychically with Bastian telling him this is the “Final Merge.” 

Bastian asks Grace about the two flute pieces which he displays on his desk, one of which ended up mysteriously in her possession.  Grace messes with Bastian’s mind the way she played with the others, looking him straight in the eye the entire time. 

Grace finally closes her eyes in meditation.  Bastian gets a call. The person on the other end tells him they want to chip Grace.  Bastian vehemently disagrees, puts himself at risk - is threatened with court marshal.  Grace inwardly laughs at Bastian.  He calls in Guards, Sanders and Pike, tells them to take her into Leeland’s office. Sanders is rough with her.  Bastian slams him into wall, “She’s an honored guest”.

Thomas accompanies guards to “keep an eye on them.”

Bastian throws a glass against the wall.

Leeland’s office: Grace psychically communicates with Thomas as they look each other in the eye.  “Perfect Angel” - Instrumental by Freddy Hinckle plays.  Thomas leaves them. Sanders right away teases Grace - Pike gets nervous. She tells him she can heal him - puts hands on his head, he is blown away.  Pike does the same.  Healing Stone Flute Music plays. 

Grace meditates in her hospital room while at Carolyn, Odin, and Candice mediate together at Camp Atone.  

Bastian’s Office: Thomas, Bastian and Leeland go over a report.  Bastian’s been drinking.  He’s on the phone, frustrated.  Won’t follow FEMA  orders until someone tells him what’s really going on.  Hangs up on caller. Pours another drink -offers to others.  They decline.  Bastian sings “Angry Spoken Word Song” -TBD.  Dreamtime music up - Enter Odin’s Father playing stone flute, The Council, Carolyn, Candice, and Odin.  They sing, dance, chant in counterpoint to Bastian’s angry “Song” He screams out “Stoooooop!”  Everyone exits.  

Thomas reads latest update on PUW and Galactic Federation, says they’ve also been messing with the weather.  Bastian tells him it’s all bullshit.  Describes how social programming works to help pit groups against each other. Says everyone’s been programed.  

Bastian says he helped design programs - describes Neuro Linguistic Programing.  Seems to regret getting involved - “Never thought people would be begging for microchips.” Says Government is getting ready to stage false flag alien invasion.   Thomas: “But who’s not running off a tape?” Bastian says, “Grace...”

Leeland writes Bastian’s tirade off as a drunken rage.  Thomas concedes to a drink. 

Bastian’s office: Bastian and Grace sit across from each other, the flute pieces between them.  Grace speaks to him psychically as he tries to get her to tell him about the flute. She brings him back to his childhood, he gets frustrated - pounds on desk. 

Scene 7- Facing the Darkness

“Purpose” by Dustin Fox plays.  Odin meditates in front of a large pyramid.  Screen shows Pyramid at sacred site in Peru. A YOUNG MAN AND WOMAN move in between Odin and the pyramid and begin to juggle. Music: Pan Flute and/or Whistling Vestals. We recognize the young people as JUGGLER CLOWNS from Odin's circus dreamtime. Odin watches them for a while. Hums along with the music. He eventually approaches the jugglers. They keep juggling -ignoring him.

Odin mentions the Ahau Lineage, jugglers perk up - lead him to a old Shaman who is none other than Clown.  Odin finally recognizes him - they hug. 

Celebration music. Odin and Clown arrive at village - everyone greets them, including Odin’s mother, father, and brother and sister.  They feast - tell stories around fire. Odin’s father tells story of how their village was destroyed and family broken apart. He tells Odin about ancient sound healing technologies like the healing stone flute and how the white man can’t understand them because they have fallen out of tune with The Mother’s heartbeat.  

Behind a screen, we see shadows of Bastian trying to get Odin’s father to tell him how the flute works. Odin gets angrier and angrier.  Dreamtime:  Big Odin hides behind his familiar village tree - grows like a jaguar. Villagers act out returning to a destroyed village. 

Father continues story - screen shadows of Odin’s Mother with three young children.  “Chaos in the City” plays. Mother prays and cries in Quiche as Father says family didn’t know if he was dead or alive. 

Elders behind screen discuss the fact that Odin is the bridge. We see Little Odin with two nuns. His mother puts him to bed, she cries as Elders pull her away from bed. Little Odin wakes up, cries. Nuns hold him  -  he stretches arms out crying, “Maaaaaammmmaaa!”  

Big Odin cries out too.  Odin’s mother comes from behind screen - Embraces Big Odin, they both sob in each others arms. Villagers gather round to comfort them both. Big Odin calms down.  Father says, “It’s time!” Villagers get ready for Auyawasca Ceremony.  Odin’s father leads ceremony.  Children and Adults do “Mat of Time Dance.” in which children cary stones and chant over them to “activate” them.  Everything changes fluorescent.  Dancers “weave” the stones into a mat woven by the adults. Odin dances in the middle of it all bewildered. A large, dark green jade stone appears in front of Odin.  It is so dark, it’s almost black.  Odin’s drawn to it.  Clown/Elder tells him to “Jump!” Odin is afraid he’ll disappear. Clown/Elder reassures him he’ll be ok - Praubupad SONG here??   

Odin jumps into the stone- shown with special effects on screen, goes through tunnel and is dropped into room where Bastian sits on a throne, emanating the worst evil, both from within and around him. “Evil” dancers stick and cling to Bastian, protecting him. Jaguar growls get louder.  Odin/Jaguar readies for the kill.  Grace and Carolyn appear next to Bastian.  Their presence calms Odin down.  Screen shows Bastian’s life. A kid getting beat up by his father, him bullying other children, and finally, Dr. Schraft hypnotizing him. 

Schraft is Bastian’s, “handler”. Tells him he is superior, has a right to rule over the masses - all for the good of humanity - One world Government - A New World Order.  We see Bastian talking to soldiers about the neuro-chips - “The masses need us to keep them safe.”  Images of Bastian watching soldiers kick the shit out of Odin’s father.  We hear Odin’s father’s scream and then everything goes black and silent. Odin growls as if about to attack.   Bastian says calmly, “I’m ready.” 

Odin watches light pour from Carolyn and Grace. Bastian and everything else gets bright, “Evil” dancers turn from Bastian and go at Odin, trying to latch on to him.  He growls - they growl back.  The more he pushes the tighter they cling. Grace instructs him to, “Be a witness, don’t judge.  You are pure, loving, awareness. Be That”

Odin stops, surrenders, and breathes. Dancers stop too. Jaguar growls calm down.  Dancers melt into floor.  

Big dance number: “Hurry Home” by Jon Anderson plays. 

Another dance number to “Existence, Consciousness, Bliss” - Chant by Samara Shaw

Dancers pick Odin up - he “surfs” Put him down, they turn into Apes - pick and eat bugs off each other, eat bananas. Ashawa and other “Rainbow Beings -arrive on rainbow light - music suggesting Crystal Palace.  Each Rainbow Being takes the hand of an ape.  

Ashawa takes Odin’s hand.  Apes stand up - we hear the hum of space ships - Apes dance with beings - Dancers turn into waves again, picking Odin up to surf. 

“Ezekiel Saw the Wheel” plays. Screen shows Ezekiel from Bible looking at, “A wheel inside a wheel” Other images:  Present day earth, people pointing to sky at lights.  Spaceships/lights surrounding the earth. 

Ashawa speaks: “We have always helped you...” Music suggests return to Crystal Palace. Everything is Fluorescent. Little Odin approaches Big Odin with enlarged version of Green stone flute piece - hands it to him.  Odin dances with it.  Grace enters with the third one on the bottom. 

They all dance.  Ashawa chants with drum, Odin’s father sings Auyawasca song.  They try to fit flute pieces together but cannot.  Flute dance ends, Grace and Bastian exit.  Odin opens eyes to his father blowing smoke over him.  

At airport - family and villagers say tearful goodbye’s. 

Scene 8 - No Going Back. 

Odin’s stands at doorway of his apartment - the place is trashed. John, his roommate is transfixed by Bob and Connie infomercial. John tells him they’ve been evicted.   
Odin performs for a large drunken crowd.  Sings, (New Dustin Fox Song - In development) Song ends, drunken man yells, “Free Bird!” a stoned woman yells, “Stairway to Heaven!”  Odin gets serious, takes energy down. “Do you people even know who you are?” Audience keeps yelling at him.  Does sarcastic song and dance, says, “Fuck you all!” and runs off stage. 

With his belongings in his car, Odin, takes refuge at Camp Atone. Carolyn and Candice explain what happened to Grace. Carolyn assures him her guides say Grace is ok. Odin’s worried. Carolyn says they have to leave - government knows they’ve been illegally deactivating chips.  Odin and Candice bicker. Carolyn calms them down. They all sit in meditation.  Council plays in audience, Crystal and metal sining bowls are played quietly. Odin channels Ashawa. They are told they need to meet Ashawa face to face in the, “Belly of the Turtle”  Carolyn knows where this is. 

Carolyn, Candice, and Odin ride a ferry. Announcements remind people of the present State of Emergency - people can be searched at any time, are subject to arrest, and possible indefinite detention, etc.”   

Soldiers try to raid an empty Camp Atone.

Scene 9- Time to Digest

Television on ferry runs press conference with Senator Harrison. Harrison repeats that psychotronic weapons were the cause of the suicides and that anyone associated with the PUW is suspect. Says footage of the attack (Spaceships surrounding the earth) will be shown at a worldwide televised Town meeting that Saturday. Urges everyone to be on the lookout for anyone who claims connections with Galactic Federation or PUW. 

Little girl on Ferry recognizes Carolyn from TV.  Girls mother freaks out. Tells girl to stay away, but that they’re both safe because they’re chipped. 

Ferry arrives. They drive to house, go inside, Candice turns on TV, Carolyn cooks, and Odin juggles. Infomercial is on, Candice changes channel, same infomercial. Candice can’t relax, is annoyed by Odin (he’s been juggling ever since they left.) 

In TV Studio Control Room:  Terry, Producer Suzanne, Newscaster bob and Newscaster  talk.  Infomercial on in the BG.  Suzanne tells them they’ve been chosen to produce Global Town Meeting, but they want Bob to moderate. Terry’s pissed. Quits.  

Odin tries to get Candice to juggle. Candice wants to know they have a plan. Can’t believe Odin and Carolyn are so relaxed. Grabs ball from Odin in mid Juggle throws it. Yells at the TV - this amuses Odin and Carolyn which makes Candice even angrier.  

Terry and Suzanne argue in slow motion, get in each other’s faces.  Infomercial continues.  Suzanne storms out, Bob and Elaine follow. Terry’s left alone. 

Bastian in his office talks on the phone with Colonel Sharp.  Infomercial still plays in BG. Has a drink in hand, is tipsy. Tells Sharp to grab Carolyn, Candice, and Odin - hangs up.  Opens door for Thomas, Leeland and Grace.  Grace and Bastian lock eyes. Bastian orders Leeland and Thomas out. 

Candice is mesmerized by Odin juggling - more calm now.  Still wants to know a plan. Carolyn tells her to trust. Candice stays in Carolyn’s room that night, is excited, since she’s finally admitted to herself that she is in love with her. 

Scene 10 Prepare for Transformation

Next Morning, Carolyn and Candice face each other in meditation.  Odin meditates in the next room.  Dreamtime:  Odin and Father stand in front of reflecting pool of water.  Candice approaches. Odin’s father calls her “Ta Ta He We” - “One who Connects.”  Helps her stay in the moment. Teaches her about Oneness and Control. She wonders why diane had to die. He tells her darkness has it’s purpose. Brings her back to the moment Diane jumped againShe resists. Sings the beginning of “Overstanding” by Ossie Dellimore. 

I’d like to question the maker. 
To justify all my pain
Should I demand of an answer
Oh Maker why must she go?

Candice breaks down can’t finish the song.      

After asking her some questions about the nature of the mind, Odin’s Father hands her a piece of the green crystal flute. He tells her Ashawa will show her how it works. Dreamtime ends. 

Everyone goes into meditation. Candice opens her eyes, sees a flute piece - appears, as if out of thin air.  Carolyn sees this, is shocked, then smiles. Candice has finally been activated - shares information about power of the flute in its restored state, and about how Black Opps Government is preparing to stage a false flag alien invasion. 

The two women connect deeply.  Carolyn tells Candice she loves her.  Odin enters, sees flute piece, gets his, and they instruct Candice to lie down with flute pieces on her body.  Magical light and sound. Candice tells them Ashawa has a match to flute pieces.  We see rainbow colors, shadow of a deer on wall. Native American Flute  - By Che Oke Ten Wagner plays. 

Dancers enter (Shadow Puppets?) dance with Deer, “Dance of Creation” Candice describes how reality is created from threads of light. Dancers weave as they dance. 

Candice, Odin, and Carolyn rest at a view spot on the side of Turtleback Mountain. Sun rises over harbor. Candice is still unsure.  Carolyn reminds her to trust. Native American Flute plays. Native Amercian Dancers dance around them, singing and drumming. Dreamtime:  Nothing but stars. Diane enters. Candice runs, embraces her. Thomas enters with Bastian and three soldiers. Thomas leaves Bastian to embrace Diane. Candice and Thomas sing “Giving Always Away” by Samara Shaw and Freddy Hinckle.  

Giving Always Away 
Lyrics: Samara Shaw 
Music: Freddy H.   

How does it feel there, V1.1
To be dancing on air?
Are you at peace?
Does God caress you the way I did?

Why'd you go away? V1.2

My soul connects to you.

My heart beats devotion 

forever through you.


Regression x4

We kissed and we sighed. V2.1
We loved and we cried.
Touching the quiet places 
That lay beyond the divide.

You showed me love with passion. V2.2
You gave me the spirit
You were so good to me
Then you took it all away.
Regression (Instrumental )
Repeat Verse as V1.1 & V2.1
Regression (Progress Varients as Instrumential & Out)

Does the moon still exist for you?
Do you still feel, 
still cry, 
still love?
Does the sun shine above?
Giving always away... 

Song ends, Diane embraces them and walks slowly away.  Soldiers come for Thomas, he reluctantly goes with them. 

Candice yells to Thomas, “Why didn’t you stop her?” “I couldn’t” he tells her. “But you can stop them!”   He goes to leave. Candice tries to stop him. Soldiers punch her. 

They return to “reality”  Candice continues victim-hood.  Odin tells her to drop the story.  They all sing  “Overstanding” by Ossie Delimore. 

I’d like to question the maker. 
To justify all my pain
Should I demand of an answer
Oh Maker why must she go?

Is this beyond understanding
Oh Father please let me know
in all our sorrows and wailing
Oh Maker please let me know.

I held her hand late that evening
it hurt to kiss her goodbye
I’d said I’d see you soon... leaving
As love it flowed from our eyes

Candice and Odin:
Is this beyond overstanding
Oh Father please let me (us) know.
In all our sorrows and wailing
Oh Savior please let us know.

Dance?? with the Native American Dancers

Is this beyond understanding
Oh Savior please let me know
in all our sorrows and wailing
Oh Maker please let us know

You’ve touched the top of the mountain
You’ve seen the valley's below
No time to stop for complaining
Your love a river it flows

Candice, Odin and Carolyn:
Is this beyond understanding
Oh Father please let me (us) know
In all our sorrows and wailing
Oh Maker please let me (us)  know    

Sound of Helicopters getting closer. They run behind large rock.  Odin get’s out flute piece. Helicopter comes over the ridge.  Odin asks for Candice’s flute piece. 6 soldiers approach, “Come out with your hands up!” Candice comes forward first, then Carolyn then Odin, juggling the flute pieces. Candice can not believe he’s juggling. Music suggests magical happenings.  Candice and Carolyn dance like they saw the Native American Dancers dance earlier.  (Ghost Dance?) The soldiers no longer see them - are baffled. 

Total darkness. Candice, Carolyn, and Odin stumble around in the dark. Helicopter noise is muffled and slowly fades.  Odin turns on flashlight. Lights suggest another Crystal Palace. Odin hands Candice back her flute piece. Carolyn channels Ashawa. “Let go... step into your luminous, expanded, unlimited Selves.”  Magical Music - Surround Sound Healing - the entire theater becomes giant Crystal Palace Cathedral.  

Candice cries joyful tears. They are surrounded by swirling, sining, rainbow colored lighted crystals (Dancers with hand held crystal bowls.)

Ashawa appears - a tall being of light - undefined in form. Unconditional love permeates. Flute pieces float in front of her heart area. The dark cloak that covered Grace earlier floats in front. Odin grabs it.  The two other flute pieces are under it. They also float toward Ashawa. She dances with them, blows into all four pieces, fusing them.  Takes three books from heart area and gives each of them one. They open books, see glowing symbols. Candice and Odin allow books to merge into chests. Ashawa hands them the flute, they both hold it. Ashawa says, “It is all written on your hearts.”  Ashawa disappears. 

Carolyn is left with an open book. Odin reads it:  

"You are rediscovering the healing technologies of vibration and light. They will be released into the world as sound and vibration, and these once hidden, ancient healing secrets, will help usher in the great awakening. People must merge with, and then ground these celestial energies before the final sealing. After this, the energies of control and domination will no longer be allowed.... The children hold the pattern..."  Book merges with Carolyn’s chest. Blackout.

Odin searches for flashlight.  Candice tries to play flute - it squeaks. Carolyn: “the children hold the pattern... the children...  Grace!” Blackout.   

Bastian, Senator Harrison, Leeland, and Schraft meet in Bastian’s office. Harrison gives everyone a draft of Global Town Meeting Script - “Biggest audience in history... we’ll get Hanson and Bicknel on to tell their side of the story.” Bastian is distracted looking for missing flute pieces from his desk, grows frantic.  

The plan is to expose the PUW in front of the entire world. Bastian can’t figure out how the flute pieces disappeared - practically attacks Leeland. Schraft stops him - sends everyone out except he and Bastian.  Audience realizes Schraft as Bastian’s “handler”. Bastian is under his control through hypnosis. Bastian hands badge and wallet to Schraft who says Bastian must remain at the Hospital in his room until his next assignment.  Bastian, acting like a child, refers to Schraft as, “Papa Bear.” 

Candice, Carolyn, and Odin back on the ferry. Candice listens to messages from Suzanne, Terry’s producer - they’re invited to represent the PUW be at Town Meeting.  Carolyn says they’ll do it - but only if Terry hosts the show.   

Carolyn, Candice, and Odin at Camp Atone in Ruins.  Carolyn cries as they comfort her. All sing last version of “Overstanding.”

Scene 10- Back to Seattle - The Final Show

Large TV studio - Song by Ossie Dellimore or Ione Angels plays. Terry sits with huge grin in middle of panel. Candice, Carolyn, and Chief Lumiere to his left, Leeland, Senator Derrick Harrison, and Bennet Schraft to his right.  Government Agents are everywhere, both inside and outside studio. 

Terry welcomes everyone. Introduces position right off the bat - clearly not going to be objective.  Talks about how every aspect of our mainstream society has been used in for purposes of control, and conditioning.  Council enters audience area, chants and sings as Terry speaks.  Healing sound and music plays. 

Terry asks Chief Lumiere what he thinks about the awakening of humans to their highest potential.  Chief Lumiere tells him that ancient humans knew how to do things like control the weather, heal, and manifest whatever it was they needed.  Says humans have become so out of balance, most have lost this knowledge. Everyone sings, “How do we Find the Balance?” By Sharon Abreu.

Carolyn describes the flash as a mass kundalini awakening.  Lumiere calls it the, “fire in the belly.... People can feel like they’re going crazy.” Carolyn says the bio chips interfere with this natural aspect of awakening, also says we’ve chosen the gentle route with regard to major earth changes. Lumiere says, “We’ve already pushed the reset button.”

Lumiere says we have help from Star Beings, etc. Leeland interrupts when Terry says he thinks Jesus was a Star Being. Schraft complains of Terry’s one-sidedness, that Terry’s ignored the teleprompter, and is not following the agreed upon format where everyone gets a chance to speak briefly, and then they show the NASA clip of the Alien spaceships attacking the earth.

Terry ignores Schraft’s comments, gets back to Lumiere who talks about the electromagnetic HAARP energies used at the time of the flash, and how they can also be used for weather manipulation. That the suicides were a result of secret Dark Project Military experimentation on public.  

Senator Harrison Reacts.  “Complete Rubbish!”  Schraft says he helped design the bio chips, and that they can not be controlled by HAARP.  

Thomas appears backstage with a white lilly and envelope - talks with Odin. 

Candice argues with, Leeland, and Senator Harrison.  

Commercial Break - Music - TBD.

Candice and Carolyn go backstage to Thomas. He hugs Candice, gives her the white lilly (Diane’s favorite flower.)  Enter Diane in spirit, she stands near them - Music - “Perfect Angel” - by Freddy Hinckle.  Thomas apologizes to Candice. Says he’s working on getting Grace out of the hospital. Candice says she’ll help.  Candice and Odin leave. Thomas gives folder to Terry to read on air.    

Scene 12- Never Underestimate the Power of Grace.

Bastian in hospital room, eats ice-cream and watches movies. 

Officer Pike and Thomas ride in front seat of Van, Odin, and Candice ride in back.   Odin’s nervous, doesn’t trust Thomas. Candice has eyes closed - very still. Town Meeting’s on radio.  

TV Stuido - Town Meeting: Producer Suzanne holds handwritten sign, “Show the clip now or the show goes off!”  Terry ignores her.  Carolyn talks about psychological warfare. 

Pike suspects they’re being followed. They’re on their way to meet Grace’s parents at a church near the hospital. 

Break music comes up in TVStudio, “The Harder They Come.” by Jimmy Cliff - ???? Terry keeps stalling, plays with everyone.  

Odin tells Candice they need to get the flute - it’s in a locker at a bus station.   Candice, still peaceful, says she’ll go alone. Odin is scared for her. Van sways, everyone gets tossed - sways again the other way - tossed again. Stops suddenly. Pike tells Candice she has to get out now, they’ll meet her at the church.  Thomas hands her sunglasses and a hat. Candice jumps out, gives namaste sign to Odin - still very peaceful - totally unafraid.  Van speeds away. 

Studio break music is heard from van’s radio. 

Candice walks, calm and confident. We get the feeling she has a legion of angels flying around her. (People on Hanging silks) Crowds in the streets part to make way for her, doors are opened, Crystal Palace Music - Odin’s father walks beside her for a moment. Homeless people notice her and give the namaste sign. She is totally supported and protected - in her full power. Fearless.  Finds a locker, grabs the flute, keeps walking, the way still opened with every step.  

Town Meeting still on Radio-  Pikes partner, Officer Sanders calls.  

At Studio:  Terry pretends he’s going to introduce the clip, stalls some more.  

Pike was able to get Grace out of the Hospital!  They’re on their way to the church. 

Ashawa speaks through Carolyn about the rediscovery of, “blueprints of light, sound and vibration being used for healing, etc.”  Council, and sound healing music continue. 

Chief Lumiere describes how “controllers” work - destroying, obscuring ancient knowledge. Dancers enter- illustrate struggle. 

Bastian in hospital room stands up- stares straight ahead. 

Dancers dressed as soldiers (Dominators) grab instruments away from The Council, mime smashing them, we hear Schraft’s voice OS as if coming from Bastian’s head.  “People are like children.  They need us to keep them safe.  They cannot be trusted to make their own decisions.... When chaos rules, they’ll need us to keep order.” Dominators celebrate their, “Victory.”

Council retreats, rebuilds instruments.  Dominators exit. Lumiere says the world is finally waking up. 

Bastian sits - still staring straight ahead. 

Another Talk Show Break: Panel freezes. Healing Flute plays.

Grace Meditates in car.  Grace and Ashawa Chant as Sound Healing Music plays.  

Bastian lies down. Ashawa and Council enter his room, lay hands on him, then exit. Bastian gets up, takes a deep breath. 

Odin, Thomas and Pike enter church.  Chant by Hildegard De Bengin - TBD. Beatrix, Leonard, and PASTOR INGRAM - TALL, INTELLECTUAL WHITE MAN - CONFIDENT TO THE POINT OF EGOTISTICAL pray at the front of church. Odin’s on alert.  Sees the church as one of the forces that broke his family apart. We hear Town Meeting in the BG on Thomas’ I phone.  With each Step towards front of church, Odin’s resentment and fear grows. Low jaguar growls start.  Capawetta drums begin low, Hidegard Chanting continues. Odin gears up for capawetta battle - zeros in on Pastor Ingram and Leonard. 

Capawetta style dance, “Battle” between Odin and Leonard. Drums and jaguar growls get louder. 

In Studio:  Terry introduces Schraft who introduces the NASA clip. 

While Odin and Leonard “battle” Beatrix explains how she’s come to understand and accept diversity in spiritual matters. Tells her pastor, “I think Jesus would approve of everything Grace, Candice, and the PUW are doing.”

Leonard steps away from Odin. Odin turns towards a nervous Pastor Ingram. They circle each other, Odin’s growls and Capawetta Drumming get loud. Odin starts really hitting Ingram. Leonard tries to stop him - Odin “fights” them both - Thomas is about to intervene when Sanders and Grace enter, and Grace plays flute. Everyone freezes and then, “melts”.  Thomas hugs Candice, Father, Mother and Grace hug. 

Odin stands by watching, feeling insecure and left out - waits for Grace or somebody to come to him. Sits upset, confused, not even sure if Grace still likes him or not. Everyone else is blissed out from the flute.   

Beatrix apologizes to Grace. Thomas turns up Blackberry. Chaos at studio. Odin says they have to go. Grace finally goes to Odin. Leonard and Beatrix don’t want to let go of Grace again. Odin, full of compassion for Beatrix explains Grace is the only one who can play the flute. “You have to let her go.” (He’s emotional - reminds him of his mother.) 

Circus music echoes - implying Odin’s ancestors are there. Clown’s presence is felt.  Both Grace and Odin break down crying. 

Pastor Ingram still doubts. Leonard (perhaps because of the flute) has had an Ah ha moment explains to Pastor Ingram “It’s not so much about knowing, it’s about trusting”   

Grace and her Papa hug - they cry too. Grace turns to Ingram - puts hands on his head. He melts. 

Grace walks away with Candice - Pike and Thomas follow. Odin breaks away from Beatrix - she gets hysterical -yells, “No! - My Baby!”  Pastor and Leonard comfort her. Odin cries even harder as if he is right back at age 5 - wanting his mother.  Grace and friends exit -get into Van. Music implies rebirth.  News on radio describes scene outside Town Meeting.  Streets are blocked off - Thousands of people gathering.  

In Studio:  Schraft describes NASA footage. Both Schraft and Carolyn get a little heated in debate. Carolyn gets upset, swears - finally expresses true feelings about destruction of camps.    

Terry defends Carolyn- tells audience she’s understandably upset about the camps. Reads classified documents Thomas gave him about  “Project Cleansweep” - a project conducting psychotronic weapons tests on large populations. Crowd both inside and outside studio reacts. 

As Grace and friends drive closer to the studio, the way is miraculously cleared for them- People/Angels (Acrobats hanging from silks) "part the waters" of sea of people. They are able to drive right up to the front of building. Capawetta "fights" happen everywhere between Riot Police, and the people.

After feeble defense from Senator Harrison, FEMA soldiers descend on stage. Carolyn tells people, “No matter what happens, people, keep your chips turned off!”  Guards go after Carolyn, as Terry and Chief Lumiere run interference like linebackers. Harrison, Schraft and Leeland exit. Audience mobilizes and is able to keep agents away from Carolyn who runs into the control room. Suzanne locks door behind her. 

Carolyn gets on studio speakers: “I declare my own state of emergency....”  She urges people to,  “reject the tyranny, the chips... to release the thoughts, people, beliefs, ideas, myths, and systems that do not support their true nature....”  Police finally break in control room and grab her. 

Freedom Chip commercial comes up.  Carolyn is led outside, put into a police car. Leeland, Schraft, and Harrison try to get into car, but crowds are too thick - retreat back into building. “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel.” fast, danceable version plays. 

Newscaster Bob reports on Carolyn’s arrest, and that it has been proven, once and for all that The Galactic Federation and the PUW were responsible for the suicides... And as long as people are chipped they have nothing to fear.”  

Newscasters interview a woman who says she was Carolyn’s personal secretary, and that another attack is planned for tomorrow!- that Cfarolyn predicted it through channelling the Galactic Federation a year ago. 

Grace and Candice, still in Van, sit, in silent surrender.  Grace has flute in her lap. Capawetta style fight-dancing continues with crowd and police.  Everything slows to slow motion. People everywhere get arrested. Odin, triggered by the scene, looks as if he wants to get behind a tree and hide.  Thomas watches as wave after wave of people come forward- only to get beaten down by police. Odin just wants to run. 

Schraft gets on megaphone urging everyone to leave area now. Warns that anyone coming forward can be jailed and tried as aider and abettor of terrorists.  

Candice looks at Grace - “Ready?” They go to leave the van. Thomas and Odin try to stop them. Candice is calm.  Odin tells her the guys behind this whole thing are, “determined to win.” Candice replies quietly, “So, let em!”

Candice and Grace exit the van. Screen images show people glued to their TV sets like zombies. Houses boarded up, cars abandoned in streets, lines of desperate people outside chipping centers. 

Grace and Candice walk towards Schraft.  Grace plays flute, crowd parts and freezes. Police, FEMA, CIA, FBI, etc. freeze. Screen shows other young people Grace’s age, playing similar flutes - all over the world. 

Schraft yells to police to grab Grace and Candice. No response - stunned - frozen, mesmerized as grace plays ancient melodic song. Screen shows children from all over the world climbing out of bedroom windows with green glowing crystals - Parents still glued to TV sets, computers, screens. Children gather in parks, streets, yards, laugh, sing and play together.   

As Grace plays flute, people move in slow motion, forming a circle around Schraft, Leeland, Candice and her.  Candice looks Schraft in the eye, grabs microphone and puts it up to flute. Afraid, Schraft and Leeland retreat into building.  Slow motion stops, some police snap out of their trance and start beating their way through crowd to get to Candice and Grace. 

A high pitch, piercing sound forces people to block their ears. 

Grace keeps playing.  Police and FEMA guys put on ear protection. Large military truck with “FEMA” written on it, barrels through crowd- people jump out of the way. FEMA soldiers jump out of truck, grab Candice and Grace, fetch Schraft from building. A Sniper from top of building takes aim on Candice and Grace.  Bastian opens FEMA truck door for them, and before they go in, Odin jumps out of car with loud Jaguar growl.   Bastian plants foot into Odin’s belly - sends him flying. Thomas goes to Odin.

Just before sniper fires, Bastian jumps in front of bullet.  Everyone goes down. FEMA soldiers shove Candice, Grace, and Schraft into truck, door shuts leaving Bastian bleeding. Loud piercing stops, flute plays through truck’s loudspeakers. Everyone calms down. Leeland runs out of building to Bastian - cries. Flute continues as truck drives away. 

Odin, Thomas look down at Bastian.  Music from Odin’s childhood plays - implying Ancestor's are there.  Diane in Spirit enters, pulls Thomas away from Bastian, comforts him.  Thomas sobs. 

Grace, Candice, Pike, Schraft, Colonel Sharp drive in truck as flute continues. Schraft,  moved by flute, questions Pike - says it’s a “secret weapon.” Candice (eyes closed in meditation - channels Ashawa. “The vibrations represent the return of the ancients - the re-awakening of peace and harmony in the hearts of humanity.”  Schraft surrenders. 

Glowing rainbow crystal palace light and color fill the area.  Schraft tells them that another another solar flair is coming tomorrow and another round of psycotronics are planned combined with major weather modification.  Tells them shadow government wants to get the population down to manageable size.  Tells them the middle men have been convinced, they’re saving the planet.  

Grace tells Schraft that he knows a way to keep people safe.  He tells her, “I love that flute, but you’re so naive to think... it’s actually gonna save the world.”  Grace replies, “And you’re terribly naive to think it can’t.”

Schraft tells her the only way people will be immune to the psychotronic weapons is if they don’t fear anything - even if they’re chipped, as long as they have no fear, the chips won’t kick in.  

Grace tells them all not to worry - even about the weather manipulation.  Plays flute.  Screen shows sunset, children around the world, sitting in circles, dancing, chanting with their green glowing fluorescent stones. Adults glued to their screens. News from screens, reminds people to keep their chips activated, stay inside, another electromagnetic attack has been planned for tomorrow.  

Show on Large Screens:  People meditate in large groups, in temples, mosques, outside, in churches, on top of mountains - all over the world. Odin, Grace and Candice meditate with people at Camp Atone. Dominator soldiers pray in circle, soldiers everywhere pray, meditate together.  

On Large Screens:  Sunrise. Earth from space. Energetic connections between Stars, the circles of people on earth, their bodies, the green crystals, crystals within the earth, grids of light surrounding the earth. Familiar "points of light- (spaceships)" surround earth, beaming energy towards the earth - energizing the flower of life grid pattern around the earth.

The light connections are infused with rainbow color. (See Jose Arguelas - Rainbow meditation for effect ideas) Screens show sacred sites around the globe glowing with rainbow light also surrounding and flowing through meditating people. Energies connect to sacred geometrical patterns in people’s bodies, around the earth, and in space.  Everywhere- these energies can be seen energized, exploding, and accelerating. 

Everyone sings "Rainbow Warriors" by Davis Limbach - Audience is encouraged to sing along.

Music Gets faster, louder, etc. until crescendo.

Flash of blinding light - as before... 

Screen: HAARP arrays and GWEN/Cell phone towers, all over the US. Sound: Static - implying energy traveling from HAARP to the towers to underground cables, to computers to televisions, cell phones.  

People glued to screens freeze - all screens go black. People remain frozen for a few moments just as with the first flash.

Big Screens: Weather kicks up - winds, rain, storms...

Children chant/sing healing flute song all over the world. - even in the middle of crazy weather. Some play flutes like Grace's, others have different instruments made out of crystal,stone etc.

Lights up on Odin's family in South America, praying.

Big Screen: View from space:  Soft, warm glowing light flowing outward from sacred sites around the world.  Energy waves rise into heavens, far into the galaxy where it is implied that other beings on many other star systems are also energized and are exchanging energy with Earth.

Screen: Rains from various storms, abate, and rainbows appear everywhere.

Frozen screen people look up, take a breath, and smile. Adults emerge from their homes and join children outside.  

Grandma Grace and Marta sit on Grandma's porch. Grandma wraps up the story. "Even in the end we come back to the middle - the heart of it all. Where love is the only thing that mattered... is the only thing that ever mattered. 

Lights up on Camp Atone - all shiny and new - rebuilt. Everyone gathered. Candice holds Carolyn’s hand. Grace and Odin stand next to them, Odin holds their baby.  Odin’s South American Parents, Brother and sister, and Clown next to them.  Leeland, Schraft, Senator Harrison, Colonial Sharp, then Terry and Thomas next to Suanne. Leonard, Beatrix, and Pastor Ingram stand together.  Chief Lumierre plays drum.  Ashawa and other beings shimmer as light all around  (Dancers with shimmering fabric?) - Ashawa’s Theme plays. 

Carolyn, Candice, Odin, Chief Lumierre, Terry, and Thomas lead everyone in Chant/Song - Existence Consciousness Bliss.  Everyone sings and dances to, “Sunny Weather” by Ione Angeles. 


“Image of Most Exceptional”  By Dustin Fox plays as audience leaves theater. 

Bob and Connie do a final newscast about ways the world has changed since the Final Shift.