Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sound Healing Circles Coming to the LA area



Please contact me if you would like to host an event at your center. 

Experience The Power of Sound to Activate, Recalibrate and Heal. Hands on Practice with Sound Healing Instruments and Tools, Voice, Movement, Intention and Visualization 

Please Bring Sound Healing Tools, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Rattles, Drums, Flutes etc. to Share

A 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healer, Samara works with Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Metal Bowls, Crystals, Gems, Plant Medicine, Flower Essences, and her Voice. 

Samara uses sounds, tones, vibration, visualization, and various hands-on healing techniques, to activate people to awaken to their True Nature, Gifts and Purpose. 

Her recent work with Shoshone Earth Healer, Rainbow Thunder Heart (Bavado), has led her to integrate The Medicine Wheel Teachings and Ceremony into her work. 

These Ancient Earth Wisdom Teachings, known as the "Original Instructions", engraved on large stones around the world, teach us us that we indeed have the ability to heal all things. 

Come and Join in this Divine Play as we learn once again, to make full use of our natural gifts and abilities, restoring ourselves, and our precious Mother Earth back to harmony, balance, and peace. 

Children Welcome 

Suggested Donation - $10 - $25 

Contact: 360-317-8560 or

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Medicine Wheel Sound Healing Circle - April 18th

This event is a fundraiser for Earth Wisdom Foundation:   http://www.earthwisdomfoundation.net

“Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” 

― Hazrat Inayat Khan

Please don't let the cost dissuade you.
Pay what you can and help spread the word.

Love, Love, Love is all there is!   

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Positive Visions has Morphed!

I have teamed up with Bavado Tatun Corazon - (Rainbow Thunder Heart) (aka Blue Thunder) and his non-profit,  Earth Wisdom Foundation  http://www.earthwisdomfoundation.net

We are traveling up and down the West Coast working to help heal the Droughts and other Environmental issues and to gather the team for the next few years of work.  We are working towards doing a global medicine wheel - on various sacred sites on and around the equator.  The next year will be a preparation for that.  We are working with Steve Copeland, creator of The Shift of the Ages, on a documentary film about Bavado, his work, and the work to come.

We envision the documentary will teach many more people how the medicine wheel works and will be a way to gather those who have been preparing for these days, to help in this last effort to create gentle, easy, peaceful shifts.  I believe humanity has called for this - we have collectively chosen the gentle route.  Now it is up to those of us who understand the spiritual technology - the sound healers, psychics, intuititves, plant, animal and elemental comunicators  - those who remember  (or are in the process of remembering) the ancient ways, to come forward and use their gifts, skills, and knowing to help heal mother earth.

I am honored, humbled, and feel so blessed to be working with Bavado.  He is the real deal.  As the Universe has so perfectly orchestrated this work, and will continue to orchestrate our comings and goings, ceremonies, talks, musical/sound healing events, etc. I am in awe at the perfection of it all.

Each moment has been a blessing beyond what I could ever wish for.  We are in Shasta now - our van having broke down - and are being called to stop, to rejuvenate our body, mind, spirit so that the foundations for this work will be clear, clean, purposeful, and powerful.  We have put the word out for help to fix our van and/or to purchase, lease, or be gifted a reliable motorhome so that we can continue to do this important work.  We trust that a motorhome is available and is waiting for those who choose to step forward to offer their resources to the effort, as we trust that all the funding for this work is also in the works.  

We are now also fundraising for the documentary as we make connections to those who we envision will also help produce my film, The Shift.   We will be traveling to LA to work with major producers and filmmakers down there soon.  We are on the lookout for our partners at this time, financial, prayer, business, people to help do the work on the ground, who are willing to travel -  people to join our team.   As our funding comes in, we envision the work getting done quickly and easily as humanity begins to more fully and deeply comprehend the message and the teachings we are here to deliver.  For those who are ready to do the work,  we envision that they will have cleared themselves sufficiently enough, as we are also doing at this time, that we will move forward with Ease and Grace.

I send love and light out to the world, for all projects such as these to be expedited if it is in the highest good, and that humanity quickly realizes their unlimited power as Source Energy and that we offer this realization for the highest good of all.

Blessings of Abundance, and Perfection Realized Now, to those who are ready, those who read this message, who lovingly pass on this information, and to those who are doing similar work.

Aho, so be it, and so it is!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Logline and Synopsis for The Shift

New Feature Film The Shift  

World Activation For a Positive Future   

Humanity is at a Convergence Point. The conditions are ripe, right now on earth, for nothing less than total and complete transformation.  The lessons from the film, The Shift, teach us that we can perpetuate and even create a doomsday scenario if we so choose, or we can choose to create a new earth, as each of us wakes up to the truth of who we are, and why we are here.   

It is truly up to us. 

In the tradition of inspirational films like The Matrix and The Last MimseyThe Shift is a new feature film series that has the potential to bring millions of people together, offering a positive vision of the future. 

Combining ancient sounds, tones, and vibrational healing technologies with a moving and inspirational story, The Shift is designed activate millions to take action, get motivated, and step into their true purpose. 


What’s a controlling superpower to do when millions are suddenly awakened to the truth?  Create an enemy so terrifying yet so illusive that people will go along with just about anything to protect themselves...    


The "powers-that-were" have lost their sway over the world, and yet, even in the midst of a global shift in consciousness, they continue to play out their control games. Devising all sorts of new ways to keep the population dumbed down, in fear, and under control, they've convinced everyone to implant themselves with microchips.

In one mysterious, life altering moment, a flash of bright, white light hits the earth. Millions are suddenly thrust into a blissful state that many describe, as instant global, spiritual awakening.  For millions of others though, the flash leads to darkness and confusion... and many, tragically take their own lives...  Including Diane Cushman, the beloved partner, of one of our heros, Candice Bicknel.

The official story is that the earth is under electromagnetic attack from malevolent ET's, and that people need to be microchipped in order to protect themselves. Our heros, Candice Bicknell and Odin White aren't buying it. 

Candice embarks on a mission to reveal the truth about the chips and who was really behind the "attack". 

Meanwhile, for Odin, the line between his dreamtime and waking realities begins to blur, and his dreamtime guide, a trickster clown, shows him the truth about his biological family. (He was adopted from Peru at the age of five.)

Unable to face these painful truths, Odin escapes through drugs and alcohol, and soon finds himself on a journey to Lima Peru in search of his ancestral roots.  Odin eventually faces his demons, and learns about the multidimensional nature of reality itself.    

Upon his return, Odin teams up with Candice, and both begin a journey that will temper and fine tune their warrior spirits.  Always up for a fight, Candice is good at getting what she wants, but for this particular mission, nothing less than complete and total surrender, will do.  And Odin, afraid of his own power, is challenged to face the deep pain and rage he's always run from.

As Candice and Odin both learn to recognize and surrender to their powerful gifts and purpose, their fears dissolve.  In the end, they both take their places as integral players in the The Shift.          

Here's a link to a song by Jon Anderson called, Hurry Home (A Song From the Pleiades) that says it all:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ujmORq_ynQ&feature=fvsr

In Lak'ech - I am Another You, 

Samara Shaw

Orcas Island, WA

Friday, October 25, 2013


I agreed to writeThe Shift long before I came to earth.  We all did.  We are writing the story of The Shift now, through books, song, film, dance, political offerings, etc.  Whenever and wherever we choose to act with kindness, compassion, understanding, and love is where shift happens.      

Our agreements are ancient- our destiny set.  We, as a species, are in the process of bringing our entire Selves - our whole consciousness back to Oneness.  Sometimes, though, as a part of this process, we might need reminders of the important work we came here to do.  

That's what The Positive Visions Tour and The Shift are all about - reminders of who we are and why we're here.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shift Logo

Here is a logo I'm experimenting with for "The Shift".  It reflects the fact that it's time to Celebrate! - The Star Beings, Angels, Helpers, Guides, all of Heaven are in celebration mode because we're doing it- we're making the shift NOW!   We are effortlessly and easily moving away from that which no longer serves us.  At the individual, community, and Global levels.  We are doing this by the millions, and The Shift is happening despite what we hear on the mainstream news.  Those of us whose job it is to help usher in this glorious shift in consciousness are now seeing what we focus on, manifesting quickly and easily.  The New World is NOW - we have made the choice and so it is.