Friday, February 10, 2017

2016 - Ready to Go

2016 - 2017
Confessions of a Bliss Junky
Samara Shaw    

Hi, My Name is Samara, and I'm an addict.

I'm addicted.... 

to Bliss... 

I can't help it....

It builds.... 
and builds....

and keeps building....

until...  it shoots

up... and out...

The top of my head

and down through the bottom of my feet.

The Old Me,

The old World...  


tones, vibrations, 
flow like a giant waterfall    

New worlds,  



I'M Ready...

Are you...?   

To gather with other like-minded bliss junkies

having mined the depths of the psyche, 

scaled mountains

We are ready to take the next steps toward 

true liberation! 

knowing that without a doubt, 
is simply...

made up. 

of Total...   
Unending... Ecstatic Bliss! 

It'd be so great

to be able to just sit..  


And out....


And out.... 

In Sunlight/Prana.... Earth Light,

Out Peace, Bliss Perfection

and then there's that Momentum again.... 

breath deepens and quickening...

Big breath "Yeeeeeeeees...!"  

AND....Ahhhhhhhh Yeeeeees  Alhelula   - Yes.....!!!" 

I Merge further, 
and deeper 
into Cosmic
Orgasmic, Joyful Surrender!  

Wave after wave

again and again and again....

It's all I want 
I crave it

With you...

We Breathe In....

And out.....

One Open Heart

We wake up... together 

Emerge United

Step away 

from paradise,

Out of our caves

Descending the mountain, 

to put our Prayers 
into Action,  

At Board Rooms, PTA Meetings, Community Councils, Gatherings, - sharing the Downloads, Satsang, Darshan, Blueprints, Sounds, Songs, Truths, as only We can express them.   

Eventually, we notice

that we've dropped out 

and back in, 

so many times 

that now,...

in one moment... 
with a simple breath, 
we return

to that blissful center,  

there is no longer 

an out 
or in to drop from 
or into.    

And any fear of sharing our truth 
has vanished

And we understand 
that resistance 
was simply part 
of a beautiful experience 
tailored specifically for us ...

by us.  

And that all events... 
each moment, 
has been Divinely orchestrated, 

and meticulously ordered up, 

so that we can have the experience of 

Of once again knowing 
and expressing 
the truth of who we are.        

And even though 
we sometimes find ourselves
falling into victim mode - 

that without warning, 
we defend and attack without even knowing how we got there -  

puffed up with importance, 
and self-righteousness....

Our precious, innocent, loving child/self, 

longing to be acknowledged, 
and seen 
as valuable 

and worthy of good things.  

And in her fear, she called for backup  - 
not realizing that she was 
and always will be be,
the most powerful ONE 
in the room.  

And as we all learn 
to see 
the ONE 
in all beings, 
and circumstances.

We will finally, and fully realize, 
there is nothing to fear.

And that surrender 
to the Ultimate Bliss 
of our True Nature... 

is our only option.....  

I wish I could let Bliss have it's way with me 
every day, 
all day   

What can I say... 
I'm Samara, and I'm a hopeless addict!      

And My junkie friends and I, will soon be passing through your town. 

Move over world peace! 

make way for 



ONE moment 

after moment.....

Until everyone everywhere realizes that LOVE is truly ALL THERE IS!  

And that there is Only ONE OF US here.  






Friday, September 9, 2016

Love Matters Tour and Documentary

Love Matters

Tour and Documentary Film

Ushering in, a World that Works for All Life
Draft Proposal-  Samara Shaw

 All Rights Reserved - July 2016

Shift Productions LLC, Love Matters LLC, Love Matters Foundation, in partnership with Source Network, Source Network Foundation, Earth Wisdom Foundation, YK Center, American Global, and a coalition of like-minded Non, and For-Profit Companies, seek funding to produce Love Matters, a National Tour and Groundbreaking Documentary.

A series of 13 fund/awareness raising - eco-business development events, traveling Caravan Style to Cities and towns all over the United States.

Each event will be accompanied by:

·      Eco-nomic Development and Training Programs designed to facilitate and stimulate Eco-business Development and Generative Growth Programs at the Local, State, National, and Global levels.

·      Ceremonies and Teachings from “The Council of Twelve” -  Twelve Elders from A variety of Indigenous, Religious, and Cultural Traditions.  The Council will demonstrate, through practical, hands on, Ceremonies and Teachings, The Original Instructions, Nature’s Laws, and The Principals of Peace, as outlined from each of their respective traditions.

·      Stories, Music, Art, Theater, Film, Music, and New Media, that Uplift, Empower, Encourage Responsibility, Unite, and share positive visions of the future.

·      A DocumentaryLove Matters - Documenting the Process of an Awakening Nation.  Following, The Council of Twelve, as they travel with Economic Development Specialists, Visionary Artists, Healers, and Teachers, on a 13 Event Caravan Tour around the United States.  The Eco-nomic Development and Training Programs, combined with healing, inspirational stories, teachings, art and music, and Ceremony, will serve to revitalize American Cities and Towns.  

Eco-nomic Development and Training

Love Matters Foundation in partnership with:

·      American Global - Global LeaderShift Academy
     YK Center

·      Sustainable Brands

·      Local, State, and National Chambers of Commerce
·      Small Business Associations
·      SCORE
·      Local, National and International Business Incubators working to accelerate the New Economy

Will produce a series of Eco-business Development Training, Conscious Wealth Creation Programs, and Eco-Business Summits.

These Programs will be accompanied by Small, Medium and Large Events that celebrate and highlight a different aspect of the Wheel of Co-Creation, as outlined by Barbara Marks Hubbard at The Foundation for Conscious Evolution: 

Learning and Education
Spirituality and Religion
Art and Culture
Health and Wellness
Social Justice and Security
Governance and Law
Science and Technology
Economics and Business, Energy
Food and Water
Relationships and Empowerment
Spirituality and Religion
and Environment and Infrastructure. 

Love Matters will assist thousands of people all over the country at the Local, State, National, and Global levels, to start for and non-profit Eco-Businesses.  Love Matters will insure that participants also have the means to follow through on their business ideas, by donating 80% of revenue from Events, Merchandise, Art, Music, and Workshops, directly to Designated Local Sustainable Economic Development Centers.

Ceremonies and Teachings

The Love Matters Tour will include a Council of Twelve Elder/Healers from Twelve Religious, and/or Ancient, Spiritual Indigenous Traditions. These Elder/ Healers will demonstrate that not only does Love Matter, but that Love also effects matter.  An example of One Such Healer Was Rainbow Thunder Heart, Founder of Earth Wisdom Foundation.  Examples of his powerful work are here:

·      Rainbow Thunder Heart, Shoshone Earth Healer, Founder of Earth Wisdom Foundation, explains the importance of the work:

·      In this video, a community in Big Bear came together to help heal the environment.

·      Medicine Wheel Ceremony on Turtleback Mountain, Orcas Island, WA

Documenting Humanity’s Awakening  

Love Matters, the Documentary will document the Council of Twelve as they demonstrate, through various Spiritual Healing and Ceremonial Traditions, that Love, Prayer, and Intention, and Consciousness, effect matter.

Interviews with scientists, educators, business owners, politicians, etc. who, through their work and profound achievements, demonstrate and prove that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, and when strategically and effectively applied, Love has the power to effect lasting and real change in our Nation, It’s People, and Our Planet. 

Love Matters, the Documentary will do the following:

·      Demonstrate what our Indigenous Ancestors, Shamanic Practitioners, and Advanced Spiritual Teachers from traditions all over the world, have known all along, that not only does prayer have a real effect on the biology of the human body, it also has the power to effect and change the elements in our environments, ecosystems, societies and cultures.  Love Matters will Document: 

§  Medicine Wheel and other Ancient Ceremonies that invite humanity back to The Sacred Circle – back to do, as our ancestors once did, to Pray together.  And if there were any times in history that our Ancestors lived in peace and harmony with the Earth and with Each Other –then to invoke those times.  Times when all voices, all people, all life, and especially Love, mattered above all else.         

§  Interviews with trained Scientists, And Master Teacher/Practitioners from all aspects of Modern Life -  Business Leaders, Educators, Doctors, Farmers, etc. who understand how and why Consciousness, Love, Intention, Prayer effects matter.    

§  Scientific Studies, done on site, that Measure the effect the ceremonies, prayers, and intention are having on the people, the biology of the plants in the area, the various elements, and surrounding ecosystems. 

Results of Medicine Wheel Ceremonies 
Big Bear, CA 1984

Telling the New/Ancient Story
Outreach and Edu-tainment through Transmedia  

From Wikipedia: “Transmedia Storytelling - is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.”

Using Storytelling, Music, the Arts, New Media (a Transmedia approach), Love Matters will encourage individuals, businesses, groups and communities to develop a positive vision of their future.  They will also be given the practical tools, resources, and training to implement those visions in their lives and their communities.

Utilizing an improvisational, interactive musical theater Piece, titled, The Shift, as a stepping off point, a troupe of performers, trained in theater, sound healing, movement, and various ancient and sacred performance art and healing techniques, will perform an ongoing, evolving story that inspires a positive vision of the future and illustrates the awakening process.

The story of The Shift illustrates what happens when people resist change, awakening and spiritual growth.  The Plot and Characters mirror what is happening in the real world. The Shift will be an evolving and ongoing record and expression of real world people, events and developments.

Caravan – “Chautauqua” Style

The Love Matters Caravan will travel, "Chautauqua" style with Educators, Indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers, Life Coaches, Musicians, Activists, Artists, etc., Eco-nomic Training Programs will be offered by (name of parent company), American Global, YK Center, and Earth Wisdom Foundation, bringing individuals, organizations, businesses and communities into a profound, “Journey of Self Discovery.” 

The Tour

Love Matters- the Tour will follow in the tradition of a Chautauqua, a popular Adult Education Movement from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.  Chautauqua brought popular preachers, politicians, and performers of the day, the latest in health care options, and adult education opportunities, to rural communities.

The Chautauqua movement was so successful that former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt said that Chautauqua is "The most American thing in America." 

Educational Outreach

Networking with various digital and real time educational platforms, learning centers, community colleges, publishers, universities, and schools, Love Matters will share the wisdom, teachings, interviews, experiences, and with people around the Globe. 

LRNG:  Redesigning learning for the connected age

Timeless Earth and Timeless Learning:,, and others, as yet to be identified, will work together to insure that the media from the Tour, reaches as many people as possible.   

Love Matters Documentary and Tour

Phase 1
Sept – Dec. 2016

Sept – Dec, 2016
Core Groups/Teams Assemble

This Fall and Winter, a Core Planning Group, Musical Theater Troupe, and A Council of 12 Healers and Artists, will Come together – some to Live and work together, others to come and go- for three months of focused work.   

They will:
·      Develop a plan for The Tour
·      Develop a Musical Theater Outreach Show
·      Travel as a collective, to events, festivals, and gatherings.
·      Produce their own gatherings
·      Raise Funds for a Mobil Music and Film Production Studio, and the larger tour.

Fundraising, Planning

·      Set up Online and real-time Fundraising Events - Showcasing the work of Visual and Performing Arts Collective. 
   Planning also for an Art Auction/Album Launch Event - (Time and Location-  TBD – Ojai, CA?)
o   Take the "Show" on the road to Existing Events where we also do Ceremony, and share our vision.  
Grandmother’s Gathering in Eugene, OR - end of Sept 2016.
One Love Experience, Ojai, CA – Oct. 7th -9 
Portal to the New Earth – Oct 13th-15 
Star Knowledge Gathering in Partnership with Earth Shif- 11/11/2016 - Southern CA.   

·      Continued Tour Planning
·      Hiring and Assembling Teams for:

o   Love Matters, The Documentary
o   Events
o   Eco-nomic/Personal Development Workshop Programs
o   Arts and Edutainment Outreach
§  Production Team
§  Musical Theater

o   Social Media
o   Digital Media
o   Website

§  Planning and Development Team for Sustainable Development Learning Centers in Los Angeles, Ojai, CA, Ashland, OR, Squim, WA, and Orcas Island, WA - Where Tour Teams, Elders, Teachers, etc. can Gather, Recharge, Plan, Regroup, Live etc. Also where The New Leader/Entrepeneurs, their Teachers and families can eventually live and learn.  

The Learning Centers will be models of sustainable living and offer examples and resources for the wider communities for Sustained, Generative, Eco-nomic Development.  

PHASE 2:  Jan. 2017 – Jan. 2020

·      Events around the United States (Dates, Locations TBD)
·      First Large Event -  Early 2017 –Los Angeles, CA – Location TBD – Staples Center?

·      Last Large Event Jan 2020 – New York City


Phase 1 -  Oct. – Dec. 2016
Total - $300,000 – $500,000

(Low End estimates below.  Higher end- 500,000 would allow for newer and higher quality equipment.)

Core Groups
Housing – 2 months @ $2,500/mo                             5,000
Food –12 people for 2 months                                    2,500
Stipend - $2,000 each/mo for 2 months@ 12 people   24,000

Materials and Equipment
Mobile Recording Studio                                              50,000
Dome                                                                        25,000                        
Vehicles, Gas, Transportation expenses                       200,000

Total                                                                          306,500

Phase 2 - Jan 2017 -First Big Event LA?  - (Spring 2017)


·      Online Fundraisers, Crowd Funding
Online and Art Auction, Album/Music Sales
Small Salon Fundraising Gatherings/Presentations, Films Screenings of Rainbow Thunder Heart’s Documentary -
Ojai, CA, Mt. Shasta, CA, Ashland, OR, Eugene, OR, Olympia, WA, and Orcas Island, WA.  
Accompanied by Medicine Wheel Ceremonies
Small and Large Music Events

Phase 2 – 
Total – $500,000 - $1,000,000

Small, Medium and Large Fund and Awareness Raising Events All over the West Coast – primarily in the LA area.

Preparing for a large Event in Spring 2017 (Budget Coming Soon) 

About Love Matters Foundation

Love Matters Foundation encourages, advances, and accelerates the New/Ancient Cultures through Media, Arts, Education, Film, Networking, Events and the Development of Learning Centers that will Educate the New Leaders in all aspects of the Wheel of Co-Creation.     

Love Matters Foundation supports and encourages products, services and sustainable businesses through the Creation of a Eco-Business Development Funds in each City or town the foundation works in. 

Funds are raised through Wealth Creation Training and Information, Events, Films, etc, as we build a powerful network devoted to the practice of the new economic models and encourage Earth Conscious decision making at every turn.

Earth Wisdom Foundation

World Peace Now - Art For Peace

The Light Party – Da Vid

Global LeaderShift Academy
Earth We

Healing Soul of America

Game Changers 500
Sustainable Brands
The Time is Now
Blue Dolphin EO Essential Oils for Kids
for the connected ag
LRNG:  Redesigning learning for the connected age

Marketing Express: Challenge everything you thought you knew about marketing

Sacred Media Publishing, Eugene, OR

1984 – Big Bear, CA – Ending the Drought

Blogtalk Radio

Barbara Marks Hubbard, Denise Kusinish – Propose Peace Room

Samara Shaw –The Shift -  Orcas Island