Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Way Back

Ojai, CA August 13, 2017

In this persistent, forward dream 
We wake up while in the dream. 

Here We are - awake to Self,

seeing as the perfection -
the Real! 

How could this be any more glorious -
this return to -
bliss-ed moments 

of total realized love.... 

Perfected inner
reflected in outer? 

How can we not be ecstatically blissful?

Only from an act of trickery...

And still,
we consented to be tricked.
even tricked ourselves
just for fun

Where are the 12? (My team of Superheroes)

Must I take time to gather them
or will they assemble themselves?

Who are they?

Who are you? (reader)

What role do you play in escorting the bride to her groom?

How will you give her away
so the child awaiting birth

can be brought into
a loving household.


- rich with the nectar
of a fully awakened atmosphere. 

Where the air speaks of Deep Hearted, surrendered living,
Earth welcomes the gentleness
of the always lit, inner fire

and calm waters within
speak of peace - 

breathing in...
and out.... harmonic proportions.

Where the child knows Grace
balance Reigns,
and harmony is felt, heard,
and practiced daily.

How can I share this dream?

...Words are not enough.

The manifest,
is in the actions you take
to build upon Christ Consciousness,
Buddha Nature, Original Self, The I Am...

only upon That - is One Satisfied
That and only That. 

And as you know, 

Even the detours
lead back to the destination

The answer lies
in not getting caught up
while off the path. 

Why allow derailment
into anything
that will have you in a ditch
for a length of time? 

Avoiding these pitfalls,
Here is where you will find your -Self... 

In the world,
where each movement is met with support,

and go-ahead agreements
from all life. 

The Wheel
the heart
the invitation back.

To the way of Love

The Circle.

Empowering voices for all!
Yes, yes, yes!

I am showing you the way here
Resist not

For love and freedom are
Here Now. 

Savor them
Dip into your good fortune and
make the most of it. 

So much Love~

---Samara Shaw and Friends

Thursday, January 11, 2018

WH1 and WH1 Foundation

WH1 and WH1 Foundation


Ushering in a Sustainable, Culture
Through Networked, Open Source, Collaborative Platforms, 

Multimedia, Music, Film, Print, and Live Events

Who Are We?We are a network of individuals, groups, businesses, and communities, who have shifted our priorities and focus away from fear and control based, centralized systems and cultures, towards those that foster sharing, cooperation, unity, and harmony.

Why Are We Here? To envision, activate, and manifest a culture of compassion and peace, in which every decision is made with the highest good, including the Earth, and all of Creation, in mind. 

We, and millions of others around the globe have committed our talents, resources, products and services, networks, businesses, and prayers to help usher in The Shift/Return to the New/Ancient Cultures.

How We Do This? Using Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Wheel of Co-Creation as a model, and through understanding and practicing the ancient wisdoms of our ancestors, we offer on-line and real time platforms, events, and ongoing support to encourage individuals, for and non-profit business, and communities, to Make The Shift to more sustainable ways of living.

An economic shift away from business, development, and ideologies that hurt and harm humanity and the environment is crucial at this time. WH1 encompasses a 501c3 non profit Corporation as well as a for profit, benefit corporation that includes music, film, radio, and event production, publishing, and other for profit, multimedia enterprises.

We Offer:Multimedia, Music, Film, Print, and Live Events that present, promote, and network, open source, online platforms, facilitating conscious commerce and sustainable economic development, including:

A business model that generates Sustainable Economic Development Funds for green business startups, to encourage existing business to go green, and to help make conscious products and services accessible and affordable for all.

WH1's media/production arm, serves to spread the positive messages of The Shift to the millions, who are ready to help usher in the new systems and economies.


Recognizing that there are thousands of communities around the globe who are now actively Making The Shift, WH1's Ultimate vision is to host a series of 13 Major musical, educational, and fundraising events to help catalyze and network these communities.      

WH1 Events encourage individuals, business, and organizations of the light, to come together, to network with each other, to build the foundations for, and to usher in the towns and cities of the future.

Events will be televised on Live Television wherever possible, and live-streamed whenever possible. Funds raised will stay with the communities going towards a Sustainable Economic Development Funds, administered by a designated, local community organizations.

Each Event will emphasize 1-3 aspects of the Wheel of Co-Creation and will encourage people, organizations, and communities everywhere to Usher in, and ground the New/Ancient Cultures.

Events are designed to Awaken, Activate, and Empower a
 Collective Positive Vision, as participants are encouraged to explore and activate the highest version of the greatest vision they've ever had for t
hemselves, their communities, and Our World. 

WH1 understands that strong public, private, and Government partnerships are the path to collective strength and sustained effective action. 

Some Partnerships include:

Earth Wisdom Foundation

The Source Network, 

Healing Lagoon International

For the past 10 Years, WH1 has been instrumental in catalyzing leaders of many groups, organizations and business, both nationally and internationally, to unify and harmonize their efforts.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mass Zero Point Healing Circle - Fall Tour of Turtle Island

Coming together in the Knowing with 
Waikara Master, New Zealand, 
Maori Elder, Mauta Kumara

Mass Zero Point Healing Circles all over Turtle Island and beyond!


Stay tuned for smaller events leading up to May- LA, West Coast areas.

Step into your angel, your eternal memory, your Destiny...

We are raising funds and awareness for Healing Lagoon International.  This organization will help build birthing/healing/education centers everywhere.

Birthing and Healing Lagoons

Healing Lagoon International is a Sacred Container. One which serves the sacredness of The Eternal Memory, The Water, The Light, and the Child who enters. 
Within this sacred container are the quantum modalities of Zero Point Mastery, Waikara Mastery, and Dragon Energy Mastery. 
These modalities coupled with the Super Intelligent Protocols, offer Sacred Guardianship, Sacred Zero Point Healing, and Sacred Delivery of the Mastership. 
Maori Tohunga, Mauta Kumara offers access to these masterships through this sacred container, to bring harmonization into the paradigm, thereby ushering in the Paradigm Alignments of Zero Point. 
Mastered in ceremony and protocols, at the Wisdom School of the Special Bird in New Zeeland, born of the ancient navigator bloodlines from New Zeroland, Mauta has over three decades of spiritual work and planet missions around the world. 
In 2017 he lead and completed powerful ceremonies and protocols in the Black Forest of Switzerland Germany. He brings with him the deeper details of vibration, energy and frequency. 
In 2017 he lead powerful water weaving ceremonies, portal activations and closures in England, Ireland, Egypt, Africa, Spain, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Poland, France, Italy, and many locations around the USA. 
A powerful healer of land, water, sky, self and home, Mauta is a trusted teacher and Elder by many masters from around the world.

So much Love!

Friday, September 9, 2016

2017-2020 The Return Tour and Documentary Film

Return to Love
A Trans-media Caravan Tour and Documentary Film 
Using Music, Film, Art and Education to promote Sustainable Economic Development   

Ushering in a World that Works for All Life

2017- 2020

 All Rights Reserved - April 2017
Samara Shaw


A series of 13 fund/awareness raising - eco-business development events, traveling Caravan Style to Cities and towns all over the United States.

Each event will be accompanied by:

·      Eco-nomic Development and Training Programs designed to facilitate and stimulate Eco-business Development and Generative Growth Programs at the Local, State, National, and Global levels.

·      Ceremonies and Teachings from a Council of Twelve Elders from A variety of Indigenous, Religious, and Cultural Traditions.  The Council will demonstrate, through practical, hands on, Ceremonies, Teachings, and Protocols, "The Original Instructions", "Nature’s Laws", and "The Principals of Peace", as outlined from each of their respective traditions.

·      Stories, Music, Art, Theater, Film, Music, and New Media, that Uplift, Empower, Encourage Responsibility, Unite, and share positive visions of the future.

·      A DocumentaryReturn To Love - Documenting the Process of Humanities Healing and Awakening.   Following, The Council of Twelve, as they travel with Economic Development Specialists, Visionary Artists, Healers, and Teachers, on a 13 Event Caravan Tour around the United States.  The Eco-nomic Development and Training Programs, combined with healing, inspirational stories, teachings, art and music, and Ceremony, will serve to revitalize American Cities and Towns.  

Eco-nomic Development and Training

WH1 in partnership with:

·      American Global - Global LeaderShift Academy
     YK Center

·      Sustainable Brands

·      Local, State, and National Chambers of Commerce
·      Small Business Associations
·      SCORE
·      Local, National and International Business Incubators working to accelerate the New Economy

Will produce a series of Eco-business Development Training, Conscious Wealth Creation Programs, and Eco-Business Summits.

These Programs will be accompanied by Small, Medium and Large Events that celebrate and highlight a different aspect of the Wheel of Co-Creation, as outlined by Barbara Marks Hubbard at The Foundation for Conscious Evolution:  Here is a beautiful modification of the wheel from United Earth - see link below.

The Return will assist thousands of people all over the country at the Local, State, National, and Global levels, to start for and non-profit Eco-Businesses.  The Return will insure that participants also have the means to follow through on their business ideas, by donating 80% of revenue from Events, Merchandise, Art, Music, and Workshops, directly to Designated Local Sustainable Economic Development Centers.

Ceremonies and Teachings

The Return Tour will include a Council of Twelve Elder/Healers from Twelve Religious, and/or Ancient, Spiritual Indigenous Traditions. These Elder/ Healers will demonstrate that not only does Love Matter, but that Love also effects matter.  An example of One Such Healer Was Rainbow Thunder Heart, Founder of Earth Wisdom Foundation.  Examples of his powerful work are here:

·      Rainbow Thunder Heart, Shoshone Earth Healer, Founder of Earth Wisdom Foundation, explains the importance of the work:

·      In this video, a community in Big Bear came together to help heal the environment.

·      Medicine Wheel Ceremony on Turtleback Mountain, Orcas Island, WA

See Each One Teach One for a list of Elders we are Partnering with:

Documenting Humanity’s Awakening
Return to Love 

Return to Love, a Feature Documentary Film will document the Council of Twelve as they demonstrate, through various Spiritual Healing and Ceremonial Traditions, that Love, Prayer, and Intention, and Consciousness, effect matter.

Interviews with scientists, educators, business owners, politicians, etc. who, through their work and profound achievements, demonstrate and prove that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, and when strategically and effectively applied, Love has the power to effect lasting and real change in our Nation, It’s People, and Our Planet. 

Return to Love, the Documentary will do the following:

·      Demonstrate what our Indigenous Ancestors, Shamanic Practitioners, and Advanced Spiritual Teachers from traditions all over the world, have known all along, that not only does prayer have a real effect on the biology of the human body, it also has the power to effect and change the elements in our environments, ecosystems, societies and cultures.   Return To love will Document: 

§  Medicine Wheel and other Ancient Ceremonies and Protocols that invite humanity back to The Sacred Circle – back to do, as our ancestors once did, to join together in prayer and Celebration.  We will remember the times in history when our Ancestors lived in peace and harmony with the Earth and with Each Other –We will invoke those times when all voices, all people, all life, and especially Love, mattered above all else.         

§  Interviews with trained Scientists, And Master Teacher/Practitioners from all aspects of Modern Life -  Business Leaders, Educators, Doctors, Politicians, Farmers, etc. who understand how and why Consciousness, Love, Intention, Prayer effect matter.    

§  Scientific Studies, done on site, that Measure the effect the ceremonies, prayers, and intention are having on the people, the biology of the plants in the area, the various elements, and surrounding ecosystems. 

Telling the New/Ancient Story
Outreach and Edu-tainment through Transmedia  

From Wikipedia: “Transmedia Storytelling - is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.”

Using Storytelling, Music, the Arts, New Media (a Transmedia approach), The Return will encourage individuals, businesses, groups and communities to develop a positive vision of their future.  They will also be given the practical tools, resources, and training to implement those visions in their lives and their communities.

Utilizing an improvisational, interactive musical theater Piece, titled, The Shift, as a stepping off point, a troupe of performers, trained in theater, sound healing, movement, and various ancient and sacred performance art and healing techniques, will perform an ongoing, evolving story that inspires a positive vision of the future and illustrates the awakening process.

The story of The Shift illustrates what happens when people resist change, awakening and spiritual growth.  The Plot and Characters mirror what is happening in the real world. The Shift will be an evolving and ongoing record and expression of real world people, events and developments.

Caravan – “Chautauqua” Style

Return to Love Caravan will travel, "Chautauqua" style with Educators, Indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers, Life Coaches, Musicians, Activists, Artists, etc., 

Eco-nomic Training Programs will be offered by WH1, American Global, YK Center, and Earth Wisdom Foundation, bringing individuals, organizations, businesses and communities into a profound, “Journey of Self Discovery.” 

The Tour

Return to Love - The Tour will follow in the tradition of a Chautauqua, a popular Adult Education Movement from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.  Chautauqua brought popular preachers, politicians, and performers of the day, the latest in health care options, and adult education opportunities, to rural communities.

The Chautauqua movement was so successful that former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt said that Chautauqua is "The most American thing in America." 

Educational Outreach

Networking with various digital and real time educational platforms, learning centers, community colleges, publishers, universities, and schools, Return to Love will share the wisdom, teachings, interviews, experiences, and with people around the Globe. 

LRNG:  Redesigning learning for the connected age

Timeless Earth and Timeless Learning:,, and others, as yet to be identified, will work together to insure that the media from the Tour, reaches as many people as possible.   

Return to Love Documentary and Tour

Phase 1
May- Dec. 2017

May-Dec. 2017
Core Groups/Teams Assemble

This Fall and Winter, a Core Planning Group, Musical Theater Troupe, and A Council of 6-12 Healers and Artists, will Come together – some to Live and work together, others to come and go- for three months of focused work.   

They will:
·      Develop a plan for The Tour
·      Develop a Musical Theater Outreach Show
·      Travel as a collective, to events, festivals, and gatherings.
·      Produce their own gatherings
·      Raise Funds for a Mobil Music and Film Production Studio, and the larger tour.

Fundraising, Planning

·      Set up Online and real-time Fundraising Events - Showcasing the work of Visual and Performing Arts Collective. 
·      Continued Tour Planning
·      Hiring and Assembling Teams for:

o   Return to Love - Documentary
o   Events
o   Eco-nomic/Personal Development Workshop Programs
o   Arts and Edutainment Outreach
§  Production Team
§  Musical Theater

o   Social Media
o   Digital Media
o   Website

§  Planning and Development Team for Sustainable Development Learning Centers in Los Angeles, Ojai, CA, Ashland, OR, Squim, WA, and Orcas Island, WA - Where Tour Teams, Elders, Teachers, etc. can Gather, Recharge, Plan, Regroup, Live etc. Also where The New Leader/Entrepeneurs, their Teachers and families can eventually live and learn.  

The Learning Centers will be models of sustainable living and offer examples and resources for the wider communities for Sustained, Generative, Eco-nomic Development.  

PHASE 2:  Dec. 2017 – Jan. 2020

·      Events around the United States (Dates, Locations TBD)
·      First Large Event -  Early 2018 –Los Angeles, CA – Location TBD 

·      Last Large Event Jan 2020 – New York City


Phase 1 -  May-Dec. 2017
Total - $300,000 – $500,000

(Low End estimates below.  Higher end- 500,000 would allow for newer and higher quality equipment.)

Core Groups
Housing – 2 months @ $2,500/mo                             5,000
Food –12 people for 2 months                                    2,500
Stipend - $2,000 each/mo for 2 months@ 12 people   24,000

Materials and Equipment
Mobile Recording Studio                                              50,000
Dome                                                                        25,000                        
Vehicles, Gas, Transportation expenses                       200,000

Total                                                                          306,500

Phase 2 - Jan 2018 -First Big Event LA


·      Online Fundraisers, Crowd Funding
Online and Art Auction, Album/Music Sales
Small Salon Fundraising Gatherings/Presentations, Films Screenings of films like Rainbow Thunder Heart’s Documentary -
Ojai, CA, Mt. Shasta, CA, Ashland, OR, Eugene, OR, Olympia, WA, and Orcas Island, WA.  
Accompanied by Ceremonies
Small and Large Music Fundraising Events

Phase 2 – 
Total – $500,000 - $1,000,000

Small, Medium and Large Fund and Awareness Raising Events All over the West Coast – many in the LA area.

Preparing for a large Event in Jan 2018 (Budget Coming Soon) 

WH1 Foundation

WH1 Foundation encourages, advances, and accelerates the New/Ancient Cultures through Media, Arts, Education, Film, Networking, Events and the Development of Learning Centers that will Educate the New Leaders in all aspects of the Wheel of Co-Creation.     

WH1 Foundation supports and encourages products, services and sustainable businesses through the Creation of a Eco-Business Development Funds in each City or town the foundation works in. 

Funds are raised through Wealth Creation Training and Information, Events, Films, etc, as we build a powerful network devoted to the practice of the new economic models and encourage Earth Conscious decision making at every turn.


Earth Dollar

Earth Wisdom Foundation

Global LeaderShift Academy

1984 – Big Bear, CA – Ending the Drought

Blogtalk Radio

Barbara Marks Hubbard, Denise Kusinish – Propose Peace Room

Samara Shaw –The Shift -  Orcas Island