Saturday, March 5, 2022

The Shift- Latest News

The Shift Latest News: March 2022 Hi everyone! I've been doing my research on NFT’s and fundraising for films. I know from years of experience, that perception is everything and there is power in numbers. And everything begins with a good story. THE SHIFT, is poised to be the first of its kind trans-media stories to combine fictional and real world elements. The Shift provides the imaginative platform for what is destined by prophesy to become. The Shift engages Transmedia storytelling as a technique for reaching wide audiences. See description here: The Shift tells the story of the emergence of the new/ancient cultures, and the integration of these cultures back into the fabric of our every day lives. And the key to these new/ancient culture lies in our indigenous stories. The creation stories, the stories that connect us to each other and to nature, and that have helped, since the beginning of time, retain the balance in all things. Woven in those stories are the ancient spiritual technologies, Or spiritual sciences that when practiced, help to keep the balance in all things. This knowledge, combined with practical daily life skills for daily survival, insures a good quality of life for all. The story of The Shift is the story of humanity coming back to these understandings which are sometimes described as the principles of peace, natures laws, and original instructions. The Shift combines fictional and real world elements, to provide the imaginative platform for what we want to usher in. I’m ready to begin the fundraising campaign by providing NFT’s for sale. I just learned of one filmmaker who raised $2 million for his independent film through NFT’s, And there are many more main stream and independent filmmakers doing similar campaigns. We are on the frontier of something beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you! Together we are most powerful! Samara

Friday, February 12, 2021

Butterfly Dreaming Circle with Grandmother Abril Mondragon

 Our Dreaming Circle will gather by zoom on or around the new moon.

 We are bringIng back the dreaming societies!  Traditionally these were women’s lodges, where women kept the dream - and realities of beautiful, peaceful loving communities, alive.  

We will come together to share and dream together - a wonderful new/ancient dream of oneness, peace, harmony, love, and unity among all people and all of creation  

Join us!  

So much love and gratitude! 

See Abril’s blog for details. 

 Huge gratitude for those who showed up and for the seeds we planted yesterday.  Very powerful and yet with ease and grace we shall proceed

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Journey of Sages - Welcoming Support and Funds

Jan 15, 2020 

We Have 1 Foundation is now reaching out to funders, supporters, and sponsors to catalyze a documentary film and National tour, "A Journey of Sages".  "A Journey of Sages is a documentary series following a council of twelve Indigenous Elders as they travel the country sharing best practices and wisdoms for the healing and restoration of planet and people.  

The project will run from 2020-2027, and will help to raise funds to support Sustainable Economic Development in each area we work in.   

The Way Energy Works
My name is Samara Shaw, and I am Co-Founder of We Have 1 Foundation and Co-Writer and Co-Producer for this Project.  We Have 1 Foundation is a community-based, charitable foundation, supporting and promoting Sustainable Economic Development at the Local, State, Regional, National, and Global Levels.   Through Events Film, Music, Books and Art, WH1 Foundation raises funds for re-investment in local educational, business, social and community groups.

We have worked for the past 10 years, bringing particular Wisdom Keepers and Elders to the forefront, organizing tours, gatherings, teachings, and documenting their work.  We recognize the information, experience and medicine these Elders possess, as crucial to the healing of humanity and our planet.  The particular Elders depicted in "Journey of Sages" have been prepared by their Elders specifically for this time in history, to co-create with others, new/ancient ceremonies as they also bring fourth best practice, grounded solutions that have worked for centuries.  

Through a combination of spiritual and practical solutions, "The Journey of Sages" Tour and Documentary will help to re-awaken the balanced world view needed to ground lasting systemic changes. 
Why Elders and Why Now?
In September, 2019, a global council of 150 Elder Wisdom Keepers came together in Nauvoo, IL for an historical gathering.  Our task was to come together, to council and pray for the reunification and reconciliation among tribal groups, religions, and divided political and socioeconomic groups.  These Elders include Men and Women who have for generations, worked mostly behind the scenes, bringing their knowledge and wisdom to help mitigate the effects of climate change and offer solutions.  They often traveled with their own funds to wherever they were needed, freely offering their services.       

Now, a Council of Indigenous Grandmothers from that historic gathering, are making preparations to travel around the country, to share best practices, as taught to them by their Elders, beginning with the  birthing, raising, educating and mentoring of our children and youth.    

The Grandmothers will assist with the shift now happening on our planet.  By sharing living practices, born from indigenous worldviews, the Grandmothers will help communities re-learn how to live in balance with the rhythms of life. 

Through our Tour and Documentary Series, "A Journey of Sages", The Grandmothers will help people everywhere make the shift away from separation, towards an understanding of the interrelatedness of all things.  Away from scarcity, towards understanding and trusting in abundance.  Away from thinking life is a series of random coincidences, towards an understanding of the co-creative power of thought.  

"A Journey of Sages" will bring forward best practices that will help people shift from human dominance, towards an equality between all aspects of life.  As a result of our work, worldviews that encourage hoarding, competition, individualism at the expense of the common good will giveaway to those encourage sharing, concern for the common good, cooperation, and concern for the future impacts of present action. 

Our total budget for this film is $500,000.  We are seeking $100,000 from supporters, to jumpstart our fundraising efforts and help us put together a stellar professional film crew.  

We will use some of that grant money to put together ongoing DJ music events in Southern California, Portland, OR, Seattle and Orcas Island, WA.   These music events, led by industry veteran, Clifford Burtley (DJ/Producer, Kwaku) will help us raise funds on a continual basis which we will use to fund the remaining our Journey of Sages Tour and ongoing documentary series.   

You can learn more about myself and Clifford Burtley (DJ Kwaku) from our website here:  

Thank you for your consideration to this important and timely project.  

With Warm Regards, 
Samara Shaw
Co-Founder, We Have 1 Foundation

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Council of Sages


Photos the our Elders Gathering in Nauvoo, IL
Organized by Bickbaye Inejnema, DJ Andy Mac, and Susan Stanton
Sweat Lodge
Another Gathering is being planned for Sept. 2020, at the same place, in Nauvoo, IL
We will be expanding our Elders Gathering, to invite the YOUTH - As we do the important work of raising up the New Leaders.

The Importance of Elders

Throughout history, there have been wise people who understood how the intimate relationship between nature and consciousness works. They have successfully used this knowledge to make sure their communities are safe, fed, sheltered and healthy.

These Wise Sages, know how to make rain, gentle volcanoes, bring springs back, and generally work with the elements to insure optimal human and planetary health.

This knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, is still very much alive today. Those who understand and practice it, have unfortunately been persecuted, and the teachers and teachings had to go underground for a long time.

It is time now to bring these understandings, and those Elders and Teachers who carry them, back to the forefront.

Grandmother Abril, and others like her, belong on our Local, State, National and Global Main Stages, Central Fires, and in our Worldwide Media.

The Dali Lama has envisioned that this, "Council of Sages" will help guide and inform our way forward. I have seen the same vision as well, and am helping to assemble two councils of 12 Elders - One Grandmothers and the other Grandfathers, which I envision will eventually join with other Councils from around the globe.

These Elders Councils, unaffiliated with any particular nation, political party, ideology or religion, offer neutral guidance, with only the highest good for all in mind.

Listening to, and heading their wisdom is crucial now.

A re-education process must happen now so that we can all remember what it is we all already know:

The Original Instructions, Nature's Laws, and Principals of Peace have not been lost, they have just gone underground, into our subconscious, where they wait to be re-vived for the betterment of all things.
It is time we acknowledge our Elder Wisdom Keepers, who through their intimate relationship with our Mother Earth, and their love, reverence and respect for her, have actually been able to prevent catastrophic destruction of major global proportions.

Individuals with this kind of knowledge do not advertise, for reasons mentioned before, but have quietly gone about their work, keeping humans and our environments peaceful and balanced through heartfelt prayers and powerful ceremony.

We Have 1 Foundation, is working now to to bring these wisdom keepers forward, and especially NOW the Grandmothers among us, who are pregnant with the knowledge needed for a gentle re-birth, and have so much to share.

Among Others, We have 1 Foundation is working with Audrey Addison Williams, Founder of One World Rising,

Bikbaye Inejnema, Founder of Conscious Youth Global Movement and DJ Andy Mack Boogaloo, Co-Founder of Each One Teach One
And Susan Stanton, Founder of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, to bring these and other important teachings to the forefront.

Our long term goals, beginning with the Nauvoo Gatherings, and others we are planning, coming up on Orcas Island in Spring of 2021, are to empower youth and others who wish to, "offer their gifts to The Shift."

Whether it be through the starting of green and beneficial corporations, co-oops, and other forms of entrepreneurship, mentorship, or fiscal sponsorship, we offer a variety of ways to get involved.


Please stay tuned More - Webinars, Gatherings, Fundraisers and coming up beginning in 2020 in Nauvoo, 2021 on Orcas and then continuing until 2027.

Our first Webinar, with Four Elder Grandmothers Participating, was powerful prayer for our planet and humanity. We will eventually share an edited version of that 4 hour prayer session, on UTUBE.

Meanwhile, there are many ways you can support our work:

We are in the process of securing land on Orcas Island for one of our Elders, Abril Mondragon, to Live on while we continue to help Orcas become the Model Sustainable Community we know it can be. Contact me privately if you would like to help with that.

We are beginning in earnest now, a major fundraising campaign that will include an online auction as well as a passthrough page of products and services people can buy through our website to also support our work.

Please check often - as we will have new Green and Beneficial products to share and will update as often as possible. Help with that aspect of our site is needed now - please contact me (Samara) at, if you'd like to help.

Thank you thank you thank you! We are excited an happy to continue this work with such beautiful and dedicated teams of Elders, Volunteers and Supporters.


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Message from Granny, the Orca Whale: Spring 2019

Granny: "Do not despair! Here is a chance for you- humans to realize your connections, your common ground, your deep desire for peace, reconciliation, and harmony among all people, all nations, all beings.
Those who are for Peace and Understanding, SHALL indeed inherit the Earth. All others will keep fighting until they realize that opposition and fight, are born of fear, and fear can only take you so far. You have three choices, you can fight, flight, or deny. Soon, many more humans will see that adherence any of these, only leads to more of the same.
If you truly desire peace, love, understanding, harmony, and a restoration of balance back to the Earth, Her Waters, and all the Elements, then you will cease to do these three things - fight, flight or deny. This means, you will dare to face yourselves in ways you may not be as comfortable with. You must face, "The Spirit of War" from within you, among you, and in all your institutions and systems.
Yes, in order to clear that, Spirit of War from among you, from your cells, your waters, you must be willing to face it. What does this mean to you? How will you face that Fearful Spirit in yourself? How will you see that by always pointing fingers, you neglect to see that how you are thinking, acting and feeling, is perpetuating war, separation and hardship for so many, including my water people in the Sea.

If you constantly see the other as enemy, then you are in fight mode. If you are constantly trying to run away from conflict out of fear, you are in flight mode. If you stay in la la land, pretending nothing is wrong, then you are in denial. Perhaps denial works for you, to help you stay in bliss, and make you feel good, and it is certainly effective when it comes to individual healing. By not allowing a fear-based thought into your reality, you can effectively create love, peace, harmony bliss in your bodies - it does work on this level, because it is your body, and you can choose whatever you wish as a sovern body, mind, and spirit.

The reason this technique is not as effective with the Body of the collective, is because many are working with various realities. This, then leads to conflict among you because everyone believes themselves to have the ultimate truth, and humans tend to fight each other to have their ultimate truth be recognized- over all the others. This is still war mentality, and will continue to lead you into fight and conflict until you let go of it.

So, how do you work with each other peacefully, with all those differing ideologies and beliefs?
Here's how: You notice, as the Bible teaches, (yes, I do know and understand the Bible! - I am a multidimensional being - I know and understand so much more than you know.)
You notice, as all great wisdom keepers, all great works of literature- holy books teach, that we can gage a person, belief, religion, spiritual ideology, by its fruits. Does who they are and what they say, ultimately lead to more love, peace freedom, harmony, unity on Earth? Do the final results of their teachings lead others to love, respect, honor each other, their Higher Power, and their Mother Earth? What are the fruits of their teachings, their lives?

Do they claim to understand the Original Instructions, Principals of Peace, and Nature's Laws, but do not show love, compassion, understanding, and peace towards others? if not, then they still see themselves as separate from all Life. And when we separate ourselves from each other, our Mother, Earth, and our Higher Power, we experience fear. And the fruits of fear, can only lead to doubt and confusion. And the fruits of that, can only lead to more separation - in an endless loop that can only be exited from when we/you/ stay in Love, peace, joy, harmony at all times.

This takes vigilance. And my people, who the Lummi of the Pacific Northwest, call, que 'lhol mechen or Quel lhol mech ten, The Water People, - (Orca or Killer Whales) we are dying because this "Spirit of War" has effected our home. As are many species on earth.

Humans have allowed this Spirit of War to infect everything they think, say and do. Humans allow this Spirit to convince them that scarcity is the norm on earth, that there is not enough, and that they must fight for what little there is. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And yet, what humans think, feel, speak- is what you manifest. Physical reality is simply the effect of your relationships - whether positive or not. Do you relate to each other and the Earth as controllers - feeling the need to repress, suppress, and keep each other and the elements under control, for fear of chaos? Hearin lies your confusion. 

And with confusion comes separation.
What if I told you, you could have direct knowing of what is good, right, and true at all times? What if I told you you always know what is good right and true for every situation - that you were born with that knowing? Samara, the one who is co-creating this message with me, knows this to be true. She remembers when she was small - when the light came to her at 4 years old, in her back yard garden, assuring her that the light was in all things, in her, in the grass, in the trees, in the spring daffodils....

That all she needed to do, at any time, is to remember that light, and she would know peace, love and joy at all times.

In those moments, she knew, that without a doubt, who she was and why she was here. She was here to share that light and love with everyone - to help them remember their own experiences as little children, so that she and millions of others around the globe can, "become as little children" innocent once again - connecting with ease and grace, as children who are not taught to fear each other, do so easily.

Unfortunately, she did as many children do, she hid that experience from her parents, and from all those who might not understand, and who might ruin her special relationship with that light and love - as revealed to her at age 4 through nature. Every child has these experiences, and every child represses and suppresses them out of fear of being misunderstood.

Now, we say to you, it is time to truly, "become as little children" once again. To not be afraid to share these experiences with each other on a daily basis - to love freely, deeply and with abandon, to realize that there is more than enough for everyone, and that that Spirit of War among you can be tamed. It will be up to each of you to tame it in your own hearts first. To not allow it to rise up when you feel fear or threatened.

This is the greatest challenge to humans. To remain calm and peaceful even in the face of the threat of annihilation . What do you do? What we, as a species are choosing to do, is to leave the planet. Now, it may not seem like a great choice to you, since you will miss us, since you take great pleasure in being part of our family. But this is not about you.

This is not about your pleasure - what makes you feel good or not. It is about the fact that what you are doing, by allowing these negative energies to rule your consciousness, is essentially allowing a part of yourself to die.

We, the resident Orca in the Salish Sea, represent a species in the animal kingdom that is very close to yours. We share the same neurons, called Spindle Neurons - those responsible for emotion, compassion, love and empathy. Those neurons have atrophied in you, through lack of use, over hundreds of years of false teachings and fear-based lies designed to keep you dumbed down and in control.

It is not too late though. You can re-kindle the spindal! This is why I began this message with do not despair! It is possible to bring us whales back by doing everything in your powers to e-awaken those neurons in your bodies, to re-connect with the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms through communications such as these - through those who are sensitive enough to hear and trasnlate our languages.

It is these beautiful gifts that you MUST keep alive in your children. Believe them when they tell you they see fairies, and other unseen creatures - trust them when they confide in you of their journeys, their "other life" which is magical, wondrous and the way that adults can function as well on a daily basis. That is all for now, it is a long message, and I will share more through Samara Shaw in the coming days. She does not want me to share this, but she is writing a book into which these messages will be placed.

She is still as she was, that shy little girl, who still has some fear when it comes to sharing her deepest most vulnerable heart with the world. I tell her, that the world needs her gifts, as well as all those who also have similar gifts, who dare to share the unique gifts of healing, communication, and deep understanding - led by of love, compassion, joy, and peace. Thank you for reading this. See us as whole, healed, safe and coming back into balance, love and peace, see the waters everywhere as such, and you will make it so."

Thank you Granny. I'm glad you can help with PR about my book, as I am shy to toot my own horn. Yes, as we become, "As little children" once again, totally unselfconscious to the harsh judgement of others, being pure in our relationships to each other, the Earth, and our higher power - light, love, The Creator - however we call it - Source Energy. We then return to our True Selves - where we are whole, balanced, loving and peaceful. And as we return to that state, so shall the elements in our bodies respond as well as the element in the earth. Thank you thank you thank you Granny, for your continued wisdom and guidance.

I love you and I love deeply all beings - as you have taught me to do and as I see is the answer.
Aho, Amen, and Oooweehoo! - Thanking you into infinity!
It's not too late! THE TIME IS NOW- THE SHIFT IS NOW!